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  • Outskirts Press - 12 years ago

    It's true, submitting directly to Apple is challenging and frustrating. Both of our Options include handling that part of the process for the author, either through our publishing account with Apple, or on behalf of the author so it appears as if the author did it herself (and we did it behind the scenes for her). The latter option is way more time consuming, complicated, and frustrating (hence its higher fee). But, ultimately, this very frustration is the reason we are launching this service - to help authors EASILY get their ebooks onto Apple's iBookstore. It might not be within 24 hours, but it won't be nearly a year, either, like Diane is dealing with. Since our service includes not only the distribution portion, but also the conversion to the necessary epub format (and in the case of Option 2, the acquiring of an unique ISBN from Bowker), there are a number of steps to complete to do it right, and each step does take a bit of time. Tentatively, we're planning on full availability on the iBookstore within 2 weeks of ordering, on average.

  • Richard - 12 years ago

    I like the above individuals regard this as a positive step but can Outskirts guarantee that the book will be up and available within 48 hours or less? I have a friend that didn't get his book up for two years. Please address this concern.

  • Veronica Temai Marme - 12 years ago

    I like option 2. It looks great and a very fair deal for us the Authors but I'm concerned about what Deane Urfer's comments up there. Once you pay, services must be delivered immediately or within the next 24 hours.

    Thanks. Regards from Papua New Guinea.

  • Hi there, while I think this is a great way to advertise, I"m supremly ticked at Apple as I've tried to get them to ok my application since Oct/10 and they are still fiddling around. I know they are a huge company but if everyone did business like that they soon wouldn't have any! I hate it ( they get your money and then that is all they seem interested in). Just call me ticked off beyond belief!!!

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