Do you agree with a proposal to put tolls on Route 422?


  • Joel Harding - 11 years ago

    Make 422 a toll road? Pshaw. As in no way!

    I was raised in Reading at the tail end of its glory days, then the city blocked off Penn Avenue to 'avoid cruising', as was popular then. Then downtown imploded. Penn Avenue has since been reopened but downtown never recovered. I joined the Army and left in the 70s and now live in Washington DC, returning to Reading about once a month to visit my parents. 422 is Reading's main thoroughfare for folks commuting to Philadelphia, it's also the best way for tourists to spend money in Reading coming from Philly. Tourism used to bring tons of money into the city but the city, Berks County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania all seem heck bent to choke tourism dollars out of Reading. Heck, 222 between Reading and Allentown is nothing but a traffic light choke point. ...and now you want to keep more tourism dollars out of Reading with a toll road on 422? Admittedly 422 is an eyesore, so don't slow down traffic and allow tourists to see how bad it really is!

    No, think big, Reading, Berks Country and Pennsylvania. Put Reading back in the tourism books (notice you don't appear in any books handed out at the PA Welcome Centers), make Berks County known for its fabulous attractions, and enable Reading to finally recover. Do everything possible to increase tourism dollars in the area.

  • Michael Martin - 11 years ago

    Putting tolls on 422 would be ridiculous, especially to fund a passenger service on a rail line that already exist. (passenger service to Philadelphia from Reading got discontinued in 1981) Norfolk Southern refuses to be in the passenger business because of liabilities and insurance reasons. So the politicians decided that maybe they can put tolls on 422 to fund the project and build a whole new rail network. In reality, they want to put tolls on 422 to fund a project because another company does not want any part of it. If Amtrak can run over freight rails through out the United States. I am sure that they there is another alternative to have a train go back and forth with out building a new line and wasting tax money. These politicians need to look outside of the box first before they make 422 a toll road.

  • kat obrien - 11 years ago

    Go to Reading?? there is nothing to go to in Reading and there won't be for a long long time- if at any time. Its become its own little welfare fiefdom. All manufacturing of any value and other jobs are gone.

  • Bekka - 11 years ago

    Posted by Douglas Dunsmore JrAug 10
    This is why I hate politics.....everyone seems to think that the government cares about "We the People"

    If this toll goes through, to those who find alternate routes Thank you, it will make my commute much faster.
    Do you really, truly believe that? You really think you'll have a fast track because of people using alternate routes? Well guess again. Many people will be thinking like you and you'll be sitting in congestion and paying yet another tax through a toll fee and hidden fees within that toll fee/revenue. Then you will be thinking, "I should have went the back way like the other people. But instead I had to make a smart remark and prove everybody wrong while all the smart ones who take alternate routes will be keeping that extra money in their pocket and will get to where they need to go and ON TIME. Nice try though Douglas. Happy sailing.....!!!!! Or should I say happy sitting, burning gas and paying out the (fill in the blank).!!!!!! LOL!

  • Mitch - 11 years ago

    Bring people from Philly to Reading by rail?!?! Reading is already going downhill by the influx of outside involvement. It gets worse every week. Now they want to make it easier for people to come and go? I only see crime going up.
    Yes PA roads are horrible, maybe some kind of toll would be beneficial. As in like 50 cents or a dollar.

  • Bekka - 11 years ago

    Hey, A.... No disrespect. Have you been dropped on your head or something? Or are you a ringer in favor of tolling 422? If they want to experiment on tolling a road, let them find another find district to disgruntle their constituents. Preferably the lawmaker that concocted this idiotic plan. We have enough congestion now but we'll have even more should a toll road be placed on 422. And who says it's gonna be faster. "A" You may be willing to pay an excessive amount of money .... which by the way .... would be considered a third tax (the tolling price). I'm not. So WAKE UP, Pal! And I'm not trading in my car for a higher mpg just so I can make the State happy and the environmentalists happy either. 422 is just fine the way it is...... Leave it alone!!!

  • Epic - 11 years ago

    Honestly putting a Toll Booth on 422 is pointless...There are way to many TAXES that We All Are paying for. To state, ALL STREETS N HIGHWAYS do need better improvement but PA is slowly falling in a Big Hole called Dept..:-( Honestly the should start hiring more workers to gain more money not taking money from the hard respondsable drivers traveling back n forth from work...Which, I may add that also avoid the TurnPike for the same matter...City Council Or The Goverment needs to sit Down and Think about More Important things then adding more taxes, well a couple more cents so the roads can FINALLY get fixed...How about we stop paying for those Prisoners behinds bars so they get a good meal and Make them Work on Our roads for FREEDOM...Just Thinking The American Idea Of Issues That Still Havn't Been Setteled....New Era Young N Strong

  • Anonymous - 11 years ago

    if this state's governor cared at all about prosperity i'm sure that his $1 million dollar campaign contribution from natural gas companies had no sway in his decision to cut $1 billion dollars from the state's education fund. Why must i pay a toll to my local governance to then have someone determine the best application for such money. A toll on Route 422 from Berks County to King Of Prussia would leave almost no direct option to travel other than being forced to pay on the Turnpike or the proposed toll.

  • Todd Riegel - 11 years ago

    If the government would stop bailing out Septa, and other rail and bus systems the money would be there to repair the roads. I as a driver don't understand why the fuel tax that is payed at the pumps goes to help railways and bus lines and is not kept for road use only, I never took the bus or train and never will, I use 422 thru Pottstown area everyday being that I live in Douglassville all tolls will do is congest all the back roads, and make a safety concern for the school buses picking up kids on those roads. Most roads used to get around 422 are rural roads and curvy and hilly and were not made to support the traffic that would be on them.

  • kingg711 - 11 years ago

    We already have a toll road to KoP, its called the Turnpike.

  • Jeff - 11 years ago

    why not look at adjusting car registration fees? why does the retired guy who puts 3,000 miles a year on his car pay the same as the saleman who puts 100,000 miles a year on his car. I think we should stop tolling all roads and adjust registration, then it doesn't matter if your taking the highways or the backroads.

  • Debbie - 11 years ago

    The good old American way...I walk carrying the flag, because things must always change so you have to keep going forward but I do have my jar of vasoline. With that said, why such a steep charge to start, why not $1 to $1.50. We improve 422 to King of Prussia and onto 76. Then???????? Is 76 going to be expanded lanes? I can get from Exeter to King of Prussia, what is it 30 miles in the same amount of time from King of Prussia to Belmont Avenue, which is like 10 miles. What is going to change there???? I've been waiting for the train for the last 10 years, it's about time. But let's get the coupon collecting ladies to run the money for the projects, this way we know our money is spent right.

  • Lady Penelope - 11 years ago

    No one likes the idea of tolls, but we have to take a long-range view. Reading is going to implode if we don't make it accessible to people in surrounding communities and give them a reason to come here and spend money. And why would anyone want to come here? The Sovereign Center. It's the largest arena between Philly and Pittsburgh, but it's not drawing enough people. No one wants to drive to Reading and park in the city after dark. Train service could change that. If paying a toll on 422 is going to have that big an impact on the complainers, then they need train service more than anyone. They should face the fact that they can't afford a car and get behind the push for public transportation.

  • coffee35 - 11 years ago

    Funny how things return to the way they were. My understanding is that the 422 bypass was built to remove the traffic from Ridge Pike and Main Street in Pottstown. And now, 30 years later, all the traffic is going back to the smaller roads that 422 was created to avoid. What about the infrastructure needed for all the traffic that are now going to use the back roads? I'll bet 724 is going to be a nightmare in Phoenixville, even more so than it already is at rush hour.

    I already pay a gas tax which is supposed to cover maintenance of the roads and bridges of the commonwealth which are in various states of decay due to mismanagement of previous state government administrations. If the ridership of train service is there, let the riders pay for the use of that privilege, not the rest of the citizens, who are already taxed more than enough.

    A, as an FYI, I wouldn't refer to too many working people as "lackees" and maybe business has moved because of all the high costs of doing business here in the United States

  • zeta 24 - 11 years ago

    SEPTA is an authority like the one being proposed and they are still running trolleys and trains powered by electric lines installed in 1933 but the millions they got in stimulus money purchased new rail cars from South Korea - kept those factory workers employed over there and guess which guy named Hoeffel is on the board of SEPTA and will need a new job shortly? Not to leave The other party out but guess which Secretary of Transportation named Schoch spent years planning Act 44 tolling of I-80(remember the illegal method of funding that was used to promise repayment of Turnpike Bonds) Lots of stuff to look into after the awarding of Casino licenses to Legislative buddies is swept under the Capital Carpet.

  • CT Hunnefield - 11 years ago

    You know what, 'A'? I'm sorry, but I thought we were PAYING for all this through our gas taxes. Someone else up there mentioned they hadn't been raised since the 20's... So? It's a percentage! Look how many more dirvers there are and remember - higher gas prices means $$$ for the state! It's to their ADVANTAGE when gas prices go higher. You know, so we can pay the PennDOT unions more outragious amounts of money!

    What needs to happen is a full independant audit of PennDOT. Where is our money going? Why can other states like MD and VA handle this better than we do? You seem all to eager, 'A', to simply throw away a lifestyle you've likely worked for all your life. Some of us aren't as willing. And I suspect, a number of us will simply leave - a situation that statistics show is accelerating, likely because of crap like this and people like you who are like, "Oh well... It's not a big deal; a little here, a little there..."

  • CT Hunnefield - 11 years ago

    This is a way for the City of Philadelphia to get revenge on all you commuters who avoid their taxes by living in the suburbs. Go on, read some of the posts here - it's all about 'lost revenue'. Please, someone, show me where this has worked - ANYWHERE!

    But you know what? Fully 1/3 of you IDIOTS support this - and the rest of you put these slobs in office - so... NO COMPLAINING! Shut your mouths and pay your taxes like the good sheeple you are. No doubt, when taxes rise to 80% there will still be enough people out there wondering if that's enough.

  • A - 11 years ago

    Pretty simple, really. If it's worth it to you to get to work faster, you'll pay for the toll road. If you don't want to pay, you'll take the slower route. ($2.65 twice a day for 5 days a week = $26.50 a week. Instead of a fancy lunch, try the dollar menu and you'll cover it. Or switch to a car with higher mpg.) We're in a situation because when the economy was good we didn't want to spend our hard earned dollars on worthless things like road maintenance - better to buy the expensive house or car. Now the economy collapsed and we complain because we have to travel for jobs and traffic is awful, but we don't want road construction or the bill for it. To spend money on things required to not be a third-world country, money has to be raised first. Business 101. And yes, government is a business. (Granted, they don't run it well - too many bosses, not enough lackees. But that's a topic for a different time.)

    BTW before you think I'm rich, I'll mention that I've been laid off for over a year due to the lack of construction and poor economy, and I have to sell my (little) house because of it. Would I prefer no toll? Sure, who wouldn't? But for those of you who want to have your cake and eat it too, I welcome you to 2011. You won't find that here. Maybe if we didn't ship all of our jobs to other countries, short & free commutes would be a possibility....

  • shaligurl - 11 years ago


  • Josh - 11 years ago

    Why is any of OUR FAULTS that PennDOT or the state of PA didnt maintain the roads? How is that our problem>?

  • Reality Check - 11 years ago

    Ok folks, let's try and look beyond our noses for two seconds here. First, Reading Eagle, what an unbelievably silly poll. You're asking laymen to understand a complicated topic like transportation funding through an online poll. Regrettable.

    Do any of you think that you'll even to able to drive on 422 in the next ten years without any substanial infrstructure investment? Guess what, there's no money for it. Why? The gasoline tax hasn't changed in PA since the 1920s. It pays for a pittance of what needs to be done in this commonwealth. This fact, coupled with the state having not maintained existing infrastrucure well, has combined to give us a dire situation. This plan, at least, gives us a chance to get ahead.

    To the train bashers, I you think gas prices will go higher or lower in the next decade? Do you think $4 is a lot to pay? You wait, brother. Giving residents different transportation options is what we should've been doing decades ago. Running an entire transportation system on a quickly depleting fossil fuel was a very stupid move. Now it's time to pay up. How anyone can be against any plan that gives us a choice is beyond me? But then again, I'm sure everyone here's sat down for more than three seconds to actually think about the bigger picture. Typical.

  • Peter Gustis - 11 years ago

    Anyone that votes yes for this mustn't leave the confinds a small radius from their home. This is one of the stupidest ideas ever. The politicians that voted this should be voted out. They can pay to drive on another public road. Then pay to drive the train when they put it in. With our own money?

  • Frustrated Citizen - 11 years ago

    Thank you Josh for bringing up the obvious fact that these politicians are driving around in luxury while the rest of us try to survive due to the rising gas prices, taxes etc. Why don't they take a pay cut to fund these road projects. Why do we need to take a pay cut for this. This may also cause people to not want to travel to KOP as often so there may be a loss of business in the KOP area from people living in Reading/Pottstown area. Also lets not overlook the fact that this will cause more people to take 724 and other back roads, is the traffic increase on these roads accounted for....will we have to fund another project to fix these other roads in the upcoming years. This is just not right.

  • Dan - 11 years ago

    To start with, I don't have ANY faith that the tolls would go to fix this specific road or pay for railroad stops. Just watch, folks; the money will end up in the general fund where it gets wasted like most of the rest of our tax money!

  • Josh - 11 years ago

    EXACTLY!! THANK YOU!!! =) couldnt have said it any better!!!

  • djbemom - 11 years ago

    We already pay a tax to fix the roads! Figure out where that money is going first and if it is being spent efficiently. As far as a rail line is is a lot of money to spend to benefit just a few. We are not set up in the far suburbs for an efficient public transportation system and just a very few would actually use it. If those few people really want it built however....fine....but be prepared to have the fare you pay be the fare that actually pays for the line. SEPTA and Amtrak are subsidized by the taxpayer because the fares are not enough to cover their costs. If the rail line is convenient for you, use it, but do not ask everyone else to subsidize your commute.

  • Josh - 11 years ago

    Property taxes are high enough. 422 should be made of gold at this point. $7000 a year. Some of them are $14000. We have to drive that road and you have to have a place to live. Property taxes is another whole story. They need to be dropped/lowered accordingly as well. As for trying to "stimulate" the economy, its not going to happen by charging people who are already poor more money to drive on a road they have to use". Why are we paying local and state taxes? Where is all that money going? Now they spent all that money and they want us to pay more again so politicians can drive around in there BMWs and Mercedes. what its coming down to is, if your a politician, you get a free pass on everything in the world. If your not then you are S O L.

  • M - 11 years ago

    I would rather the road become a toll road than use our property tax money to pay for it. That way those that use it are paying for it. However, it is terrbible that in this bad economy the government is after all of our money. :-(

  • gloria - 11 years ago

    422 Toll bs im very angry with this so what called brilliant idea. I`m a single mom working hard very day to support myself and family and with gas prices that of xcourse are sky rocket price and now this bs of putting tolls where people are struggle as it is to make a living pay rent, gas, food,bills and now think about toll money for every week what the hell sh*t is that. And then the goverment states that hes looking out to better the country or is he trying to make this country worst than what it already is making the people feel thet have to pay to go to work no way we are trying to make a living enough with the abuse....WE NEED A BETTER COUNTRY... not idiots thinking about their pockets and how to get other peoples money...they should be ashamed toeven bring up an idea so stupid like that and not realize the traffic jam they will cause to the back roads example.724,pottstown,etc....

  • Josh - 11 years ago

    You shouldnt have to pay "tolls" to live in the suburbs. That is another thing that makes the suburbs less suburban. Pottstown/Douglassville area is going to end up like New York City the way they are building up around there.

  • Bell Pepper - 11 years ago

    Yes it sucks. Yes it will be hard. But consider it the cost of living in the suburbs. You don't like it? Move back to the city or find another way. I already drive the turnpike. If the money goes to the cost of a train line from Reading to Philly I'm all for it. The only sad thing is that we have to pay to put back something that they had 50 years ago. To much reliance on cars and shortsightedness.

  • Francis D Almond - 11 years ago

    Well PA is at it again and I'm glad I don't live there anymore. The politicians are scratching their butts for more money to fund the infrstructure. Raise school taxes, what else is left for you to do Harrissburg?

  • not happy - 11 years ago

    Tolls on 422? No way. I can bearly afford the gas i have to pay. I love my job of 6 years and dont want to have to look for a lower paying job in town just so i can avoid the tolls on 422. I am sure i will be leaving for work earlier and taking 724 or ridge pike to advoid them any any cost. I am suer most trucks and other people will also. I hope this makes 422 a ghoust road if it happens!

  • Upset resident - 11 years ago

    Adding tolls is ridiculous, 2say the reason is because people may lose jobs from The amount of traffic and time. Understand many of us leave early and know the patterns of traffic already on 422. It doesn't bother me, but it would if I had 2 pay a toll for something I get for free because it's not as if the gas is going back down anytime soon!

  • Josh - 11 years ago

    It doesnt make any sense to make that section of 422 a toll road. Yes we need revenue. But in this economy, who has the extra money to pay for it. #1 most of us already cant even afford gas. #2. all this concept is going to do is push more traffic into pottstown, 724 and surrounding areas due to the fact people are going to avoid 422 at any attempt. for those of us having to drive to and from KOP that live in the local area every single day is going to further engage in a financial situation

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