Multiple members of the Seahawks 35th Anniversary team arrived in the same year eight times. Which "class" was the best?

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Posted 8 years.

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  • Kent Johnson - 8 years ago

    Nice to see some people recognized the history of the Seahawks and voted for Largent and Brown, good choice. I thought Brian Blades and Rufus would get a could more votes, but hey, that is why it is an opinion poll. Now the years 1997, 2000, & 2001 have me a little surprised.

    In my opinion the '97 trio of Jones, Brown, and Springs should be running away with the votes over the '01 threesome of Hutchinson, Engram, and Hasselbeck. Let me explain, as we can easily take the opposing three head-to-head for comparison and evaluation.

    Walter Jones vs Steve Hutchinson: Seahawks won with both of these great players as they commanded and controlled at thier given positions. Both sides are winners.

    Bobby Engram vs Shawn Springs: Seahawks won again, not quite as impressively as with the above two players, but very well. I believe though that Springs would have been able to shut down Engram all night in one-on-one while still influencing other aspects of the passing game.

    This leaves us with a Hasselbeck vs Chad Brown comparison. I personally think the comparison is laughable. Hasselbeck was brought in to be the starting QB by Holmgren, from Green Bay where he was a second string QB. He became a good starter with few, if any, major flaws. Unfortunately he also never acquired the nerves of steel, quick-draw, gun-'em down, killer instinct necessary to be a TOP quarterback in the NFL. Better than most QBs to playthe game, but not in the elite.

    Chad Brown came in as one of, if not, the most highly desired defensive free agents that year. Brown started with a three-year sack total of 19.5 sacks from 97-99 with Pro-Bowl selection for the 98 and 99 seasons. From thier it improved. No need for more.

    The conclusive opinion should be that the '97 trio of Jones, Brown, and Springs should be running away in this poll.

    Shaun Alexander alone deserves more votes than he and Tobeck have together. I'm sure most of the poll take and re-takers don't know who Tobeck was, nor what position he played; hence the lack of votes.