Who's more of a psycho, Donald Trump or Anthony Weiner?
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  • TERESADEAR - 11 years ago

    Anthony Weiner's only mistake was not coming clean and admitting that he shot a few provocative photos. Big deal! Most of us have a couple of fun photos on our cameras or on a friend's camera! He's a normal man and he should be given some slack for it. Donald Trump on the other hand has more issues and shit going on that we don't have room to discuss it here!
    Up here in Canada we laugh at Donald Trump and just shake our heads that Americans think Socialism is a bad thing. Basic human civility, empathy and respect for other living souls is a respected trait of civilized society everywhere else! Never forget that Iraquis during Sadam Hussein's regime and Cubans under Fidel Castro have a much higher literacy rate than The USA.

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