EMMYS: Which SIX (6) SHOWS are most deserving of an Outstanding Drama Series nomination this year?

Select up to 6 answers.


  • Alyssa - 12 years ago

    Ahh! Castle has got to be nominated, if it is not, I will never understand. Honestly, (and not just because I am a huge fan), Castle deserves WAY more credit then it is given, and I honestly hope it is nominated for an Emmy this year

  • Jess - 12 years ago


    Look and Vote !!!

  • Ali - 12 years ago

    Why isnt chuck nominated chuck just the best show ever

  • Terri - 12 years ago

    Where's Castle? It's my "must-see Monday" viewing!

  • Aiswarya - 12 years ago

    Okay, WHY isn't Castle nominated? Because it totally deserves one?!

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