Does coughing get you more high?

  • Haam - 5 years ago

    If you don't cough when you breathe hot smoke into your lungs then there is something wrong with your lungs. Coughing isn't just for novice smokers, it's for normal human beings. Get your shit checked out, homie.

    When I was 11 I asked my dad, 'why he smoked weed if it made him cough so much'. He used to make this huge production out of coughing, make all this noise, it would have been funny had I not hated him for other reasons. Anyway he, of course, gave me the token, 'cough to get off' answer, and I held on to that until my first time, a few years later, when I began my lifetime of smoking weed...15+ years later I still cough, and I make SURE to cough, because it 100% DOES allow you to absorb more of the chemical.

  • Alex - 5 years ago

    You gotta cough to get off :D i just finished a coughing fit actually and im stoned ^_^ ive been smoking for years but when i take that deep nice bong hit and it actually makes me cough, im gone lol theres no shame in coughing its a body's natural response why feel bad for it or try to hide it, its more of a sign of a awesome draw of smoke from good weed by a badass grower, with that my friends i hope you all have an awesome 420 day, peace.

  • Linda Sue Slichenmyer - 6 years ago

    If someone has never coughed,then that person has never smoked what have.i dare anyone to smoke Colorado glove-love,bettr known as "Finger hash",and not cough..????????????????????????????????

  • Tiffany - 7 years ago

    Im 23 and have been smoking since I was 15.. and defiantly do believe smoking gets me more high! Maybe its the cause of the cough (taking a huge hit) or maybe its from the expansion of lung capacity forming more air pockets for the smoke to bathe in I don't know all I know is after a good cough im ready to put some sublime on the radio and watch the birds :)-~

  • David - 8 years ago

    Gotta cough to get off!

  • Alexa - 8 years ago

    I've been smoking weed for over 3 years on a daily basis and I hadn't heard until a few days ago that if you cough, you get more high from a new smoking buddy. I've been trying it since and I do think it gets you more high. It must be the sudden gasp of air you need after that abrupt exhale from coughing. High as shit right now... ;)

  • Rose - 10 years ago

    Been smoking weed since 1963 on a daily basis. I am a 63 yr. old Black female. Seems to me the marijuana these days make you cough more than back in the day. The quality of the weed these days is very good. But when I start choking I am not enjoying my smoke like I feel I should. And blunts just aren't for me!! I like the smell of marijuana and blunts stink, can't smell the weed for the stinky cigar smell.

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