Do you support the U.S. engaging in targeted killing of suspected terrorists in Yemen?

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Posted 8 years.


  • Texasespana - 8 years ago

    If they need to increase the drone flights, then do it. What ever it takes to stop these gangsters, and their supporters, just get on with it.

  • steve - 8 years ago

    America, please stop your wars. Build yourself a 24 foot wall instead. Give up your arms. With all the extra money you then could profile every person trying to enter your country and be safe. Please export your Muslims and anyone else you do not trust. Then maybe you would then shut up and keep out of the affairs of other countries. Your people are so uneducated that they mostly do not know where you are fighting your wars in the first place. That is as sad as the hatred that you are spreading. Iraq wants you out. Afgan people want you out. The rest of the World fear you. We do not trust you. You never really care about all the people you kill in your quests, the dead just end up as statistics. It is no good saying you are sorry after the deaths, you should never have bombed them with drones etc in the first place.
    Go away and keep your ideal world to yourselves. We really do not need the likes of you lot trying to fight legal wars. So you have legalised them now? How propper.

  • NonZionist - 8 years ago

    We Americans used to have a SUCCESSFUL political system. The system was based on our founding ideals -- freedom, equal rights, innocent till proven guilty, aversion to torture, opposition to empire, limited government, etc.. We were admired throughout the Middle East, and throughout the world.

    For the last forty years, however, we have been infatuated with the Israeli system, so much so that we have discarded our founding principles. We now see Israel as our All-Wise role model.

    Zionists have been assassinating people since 1944 (when Lord Moyne was murdered by Yitzhak Shamir's Stern Gang). So now we are assassinating people too. Israel tortures, so now we too torture, and boast about it. Israel uses collective punishment, so now we use it too, killing the innocent along with the guilty. Israel tells us that the STATE has a supreme eternal "Right to Exist", while mere human beings have no such right -- and now we too have fallen prey to this statist worldview.

    Blinded by infatuation with Israel, we forget to ask whether these "Wonderful Policies" actually WORK.

    Israel has had sixty years to establish peace with its neighbors. It has the "Absolute" and "Unconditional" devotion of the biggest military power on earth. It receives $3,000,000,000 every year from Uncle Sam. It has had every advantage, and still, it has achieved NOTHING -- nothing but more strife, more enmity, more insecurity.

    Israelis now hide behind a 24-foot-high concrete wall. They fear U.N. observers, human rights activists, peace activists, aid workers, and two-year-old Palestinian "Terrorists". Is that really a "Success Story"? Is that bleak future really worth the sacrifice of our wildly successful founding vision?

    The Nazi-like policies employed by Israel for the last sixty years are a dead-end. Do we put our faith in death, or put our faith in life? -- that is the question.

  • Rayy - 8 years ago

    Targetted killing is unlawful and also kills innocent people. If America is aiming to get rid of extremists, then does it not realize that's it's doing the exact same thing? In fact, worse?

  • J Watson - 8 years ago

    The targeted killing of innocent people is a crime against humanity. I said "innocent people "because everyone is innocent until proved otherwise in a court of law. This is fundamental principal in our great country called USA of which I am so proud. I am compleletlt convinced and I believe in the fact that USA government is committed to annihilate Muslims from this world. At this point in time US military and its stooges partners are actively occupying so many Muslim countries and killing innocent children, women and elderly innocents that it reminds me of Hitler and Nazi party.
    Like it not, USA government is to Muslims what Mr. Hitler was to Jews. Think of an atrocity, murder, mass murder, rape, kidnappings, occupying and brutalizing a nation by USA, NATO and all other stooges helping USA government and compare it to what Mr. Hitler did to others, you will find that USA/NATO and its stooges are committing more genocide/ crimes against Muslim world than Mr. Hitler did to others.
    Worse of all USA and Western nations still have guts to claim to be civilized and democratic who stand for human rights.

  • DoBoy - 8 years ago

    Yes, I support the targeted killings. As long as terrorists continue to attack non-military targets and then hide among civilians, every country has the right to retaliate against the attackers wherever they may be as long as the attempt on the terrorist takes every reasonable precaution to minimize casualties of non-terrorists.

    We are not talking about fighting a uniformed standing military and the US has reshaped its strategy and rules of engagement accordingly.

  • stephen Ostrow - 8 years ago

    As long as Al Qaida continues to preach their "death to US" philosophy and act on it, then of course they will be targeted, and should be targeted. If they want to no longer be the victims of targeted killings, they can simply keep their intentions secret by keeping their mouths shut. Instead they continue to announce to the world press their responsibility for both successful and failed missions. Sounds to me like they want to be hunted, because negative attention is better than no attention at all. Sad and needy, like immature children.

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