Which Artist created the most beautiful Goddess Makeup?

  • Blessing amadi - 10 years ago

    Omagbemi Rukevwe Blessing

  • adaoma ike - 10 years ago

    Omagbemi Rukevwe Blessing. Keep it up

  • Flora chima - 10 years ago

    Omagbemi Rukevwe Blessing

  • mercy uche - 10 years ago

    Omagbemi Rukevwe Blessing your doing a great work

  • Chima oke - 10 years ago

    Good work in AFRICAN/ARABIC

  • princess mark - 10 years ago

    Omagbemi Rukevwe Blessing nice work

  • Dubem Uche - 10 years ago

    I vote for Omagbemi Rukevwe Blessing, the creator of African/Arabic

  • Kachi samuel - 10 years ago

    Africa/Arabic is a cool combination. The harmony is good

  • Future blessing - 10 years ago

    African/Arabic is cool. . . It shows a quality work

  • Chisa mbadike - 10 years ago

    African/arabic is exclusive

  • joshua omatseye - 10 years ago

    omagbemi looks like a classy make up artist. you deserve my vote

  • adenike - 10 years ago

    M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ vote goes to monisola adeojo,wish her all τ̣̣ђё best in dis competition

  • okpedo onome - 10 years ago

    Blessing Omagbemi alll †ђξ way!!!

  • Shola David - 10 years ago

    gd luck to my wifes sister Monisola Adejo

  • Mrs Adebayo Saka - 10 years ago

    I give my vote to my beautiful daughter Monisola Adejo

  • saka temitope - 10 years ago

    i give my vote to my sister."classic African silver & pearl" Goddess Monisola Adejo.who is my sister.

  • Adebayo Saka - 11 years ago

    I love my daughter "Classic African Inspired Silver & Pearl" Goddess Monisola Adejo & my vote for her to excel.

  • Ete Eskor - 11 years ago

    Hoping that though she is behind now, she is definitely going to excel

  • Okiemute - 11 years ago

    Omagbemi,will all know makeup is your middle name,my vote for you all the way

  • Ayodeji Aiyenowo - 11 years ago

    I ♥ the combination of Arabian/African.. Omagbemi Blessing's work is simple buh very outstanding, dats Ɣ she deserves my vote..

  • Abasiama - 11 years ago

    I really like Omegie Nsofor's work..i would hope a goddess would look like that if they had to be made up...still beautoful and not scary. Good job!!!

  • Camile Brown - 11 years ago

    Omagbemi Blessing (African / Arabic Inspired Golden Goddess) . she seem very good. she looks like she carefully chose the tone of make-up eye shadow.

  • Joel Johnson - 11 years ago

    well i just wanted to say omagbemi blessing looks like shes a very talented. i like the way she used the gold colour eye shadow which matches her clothing and also complements her skin tone. its very nice. thanks

  • onyinye - 11 years ago

    I love the African / Venetian Mask Inspired Golden Goddess look the most. The work is flawless. She is indeed a true Goddess


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