What do you think of Tracy Morgan's apology?


  • Booger - 12 years ago

    God will only accept those who follow his directions included in the Bible. Jesus made it possible for all of us to go to heaven but then again only if we follow God's directions. Is anyone out there following and living as God directs? Is it even important to you. I suggest all take the time to review the DVD 180 degrees. Think people!

  • Booger - 12 years ago

    You bees what you bees - due to overpopulation of the earth we will soon be killing not only unborn babies we will kill gays, the incurable that are too costly, and the old folks. - yikes that will eventuall include all of us - ops!

  • Tony - 12 years ago

    I agree with TM to a certain extent. I would not stab my son to death by any means, however I would be very dissapointed if my son were to be homosexual. Being a man, I would like to believe that I can raise my son to be a "Man" and would be disgusted if he were to homosexual. As far as race is concerned, I don't care if my son married black, white, Puerto Rican, Christian, Muslim, Catholic, etc... As long as its a woman... I would be thankful.

  • Rick - 12 years ago

    God also said to stone any son who curses his parents. I assume you'll lead the way Sean.

  • Dr. Murphy - 12 years ago

    Based on an extensive review of the literature on the etiology of homosexuality, biological events predominantly explain the origins of sexual orientation. While some question the ethics of studying genetic issues related to homosexuality, in-utero genetic or neuroendocrinological events play a critical role in cross-gendering. Genetic and in-utero chemically induced sex-altered groups illustrate the paradigm: Turner's Syndrome, Androgen Insensitives, Testicular Feminizing Syndrome, Klinefelter's Syndrome (XnY), progestin-administered females, Adrenogenital Syndrome, "super-males" (XYn), etc. More than 450 “species”in every major geographical region and every major animal group”, in the wild and captivity, exhibit "homosexual" behavior. Particularly primates appear to have differing degrees of "homosexual" behavior. The first evidence of the sex-behavior center came from research on mammals. Most research involved surgical interventions and the administration or denial of sex hormones during critical brain differentiation periods. In human female fetuses at risk for masculinizing effects from male hormones, German physicians, using in-utero anti-androgens, have forced female genitalia and brain-gender/sex. Although discussed by Dörner, the use of androgens to force male brain-gender is complex and can potentially result in brain damage, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, hyper-activity, and hyper-aggression.
    Physiology, anatomy, and psychophysiology.
    Numerous studies show male homosexuals in many ways approximate females, and significantly differ from male heterosexuals. Comparing male homosexuals to female heterosexuals, similarities include muscle structure, sleep patterns, pelvic openings, carry angle of arm, perception, finger dexterity, noticeable acoustic style, visuo-spatial ability, verbal performance, language lateralization, eating disorders, throw-to-target ability, mental rotation task, E.E.G. readings, response to male pheromones, etc. Compared to heterosexual males, some studies suggest homosexual males appear more prone to left-handedness, stuttering, and reading difficulties, differing brain anatomy related to auditory input, atypical gender and sex behavior, differing lipid levels, more empathy and altruism, larger penile dimension, etc. Among other research showing brain differences between homosexual and heterosexual males, anatomical research at Salk Institute comparing male heterosexual and homosexual brains suggests a differing development of the sex-behavior center in male homosexuals. A more recent UCLA study of the male homosexual brain shows broader differences discriminating male homosexuals from both male and female heterosexuals. Research on transsexuals has also revealed significant differences in brain anatomy and gonadotropin secretions.
    Hormonal anomalies.
    Direct hormonal evidence shows that male homosexuals and heterosexuals significantly differ from one another. In blind analysis, Margolese and Janiger accurately predicted sexual orientation. Some depressives, unknown to be homosexual, may have a similar difference in sex hormone ratio. Dörner and Gooren injected estrogen into male homosexuals, male heterosexuals, and female heterosexuals with removed ovaries. They found the luteinizing hormone response of male homosexuals almost identical with these females and significantly different from male heterosexuals. Similar results are found in male-to-female transsexuals. Studies, using stringent classification of research subjects, show adult male heterosexuals have significantly higher levels of male hormones than do male homosexuals. In animals with litters along a placental line, female mammals between male mammals cause post-natal sex-stereotypic male behaviors (e.g., sexual mounting and aggression) in these females. Dörner hypothesizes that various in humans prenatal and postnatal hormonal administrations may be used to establish specific brain

  • Mark Colin Houston - 12 years ago

    Myra... It is not a racial issue. It is disgusting that you thing the LGBT community should just deal with it because the African American community suffers the same abuse. How about teaming up and saying enough is enough. The difference is that the LGBT community will never find it acceptable to be degraded. I'm sorry you think it is okay that you are degraded and therefore others should be okay when they are.

  • sdb - 12 years ago

    Ok people he made a bad joke it dosen't make hinm a bad guy. It makes him a bad comic but not a bad guy. He has realized his mastake and appologized so let's move on. I mean we have all made a joke or two in our lives that was in poor taste. We have all made mastakes...let he who is without sin cast the first stone.....

  • sdb - 12 years ago

    Ok people he made a bad joke it dosen't make hinm a bad guy. It makes him a bad comic but not a bad guy. He has realized his mastake and appologized so let's move on. I mean we have all made a joke or two in our lives that was in poor taste. We have all made mastakes...let he ho is without sin cast the first stone.....

  • Eric - 12 years ago

    What sad times we live in when someone who makes a statement that they do not hold the water for the gay agenda someone post that there is extraordinary hate being posted here. Lol. It is called a difference in opinion, not hate. Unless hate has a new definition these days.

  • Hollywood - 12 years ago

    It's a joke, whether go or bad everyone is entitled to an opinion. He apologized! Get upset with our politicians who are bringing the country down.....Spend your time doing something useful.

  • BGCS - 12 years ago

    Holy Cow - these comments contain not only an extraordinary amount of hate against members of the GLBT community but an extraordinary amount of bad grammar, misspelled words and general ignorance. Just saying...

  • Joe - 12 years ago

    Freedom of speech and being born gay is impossible, our species adapts for survival not extinction. Think about it

  • bobob - 12 years ago

    Who cares. Actors and actresses are the same people that you hated in high school that were in the drama class and those stupid plays. Who cares what they think or say.

  • Darknight - 12 years ago

    If the dam gays an lesbians are so dam up set with what he said,They never should of Ben there. Get a life!!!!!!. And shut up.woosies.!!!!!!!

  • JoeyT - 12 years ago

    Ugly words from an ugly man.

    And Myra: Your attempt to cast Morgan as the victim is ludicrous. (Look it up if you don't know what that means--if you know how to use a dictionary.) Suppose this jerk had said, "If my son ever tried to go out with a black woman, I'd stab him to death." I wonder if you'd rush to his defense the way you did after he said that if his son was gay he'd stab him to death.

  • s.b - 12 years ago

    He said what probably a lot of people are thinking and not only for bad reasons. Society has to realize and acknowledge that we're not all pro-gay. The blacks voted down gay marriage in California, and I hope they will also do it in other states.

  • schmoozer - 12 years ago

    Yeah, his apology is not enough, he needs to become a gay in order for the gay community to accept his apology.... What a bunch of horse ......

  • DVPFLA - 12 years ago

    I thought that since it was "comedy" comedians can say anything. Check with Joy Behar about all the rude tacky jokes about Palin, Palin's daughters.

  • Myra - 12 years ago

    Tracy Morgan has apologize and that is more than enough. He is an artist and shoud be able to express himself. Comedy is just poking fun, not person feelings ( Ted Danson -- Black Face at a roast).
    I am so tired of the Gay and Lesbian being so sensitve to everything that is said in humor. Black foks are insulting on television comedies everyday -- directly and inderectly. Everytime a black celebrity apologizes, its not enough -- they have to be stripped of everything, including their dignity. He didn't brake the law.

    White celebrities commit crimes that warrant JAIL time and time agan and walk away from it with apologies -- give me a brake!!!.

    I say to Tracy -- you have apologized ( which is more than what I would have done) so move on!!!!

    I say to the Gays, Lesbians and those others..get over it and stop being so sensitive (something black people have been listen to since slavery ened)

  • pete - 12 years ago

    If NBC had any guts, it would kick Morgan's sorry behind out into the street where it belongs.

  • sean - 12 years ago

    God made adam and eve not adam and steve - go TM - you don't need to apologize to anybody!

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