How has having children affected your woodworking?


  • Michael Zajac - 7 years ago

    I actually starting woodworking because of my kids. We had a lean year in the beginning and I made a train set for my boys out of scrap pine pallets and fell in love with the hobby. My kids are still fairly young but love coming out to the shop with me, throwing on some safety glasses and working on their own projects while I build mine.
    A drill press with a sanding drum at low speed can occupy a 4, 5 & 6 year old like nothing else.

  • Dean F - 11 years ago

    I had to chuckle a little bit when I saw this question. Yes having kids will affect your spare time and other aspects of your life but it really isn’t the end of world or anything. If this question is in reference to having your “first kid”, well ya your time will be affected a bit but that’s more because you’ll be helping your sleep deprived wife out a bit more for the first few years. Babies are pretty low maintenance for the first few years, it’s not until they become older that they become a bit more demanding on your time. When their older there’s dance classes, sports, kids clubs such as Sparks and Beavers and your running around a lot but even then if you manage your time right and approach it in the right way it isn’t that bad. I get my kids involved in my wood working and they love it. Of course my 5 and 8 year old aren’t helping me cut wood on a table or anything but they’ll sit in the garage and watch me and help me when there isn’t anything unsafe for them to be around going on. I think the most challenging time frame is when they’re toddlers because they’re all over the place and you can’t really let them go anywhere near the shop because they will all ways find some kind of trouble and you have to be constantly watching them. That however just comes down to mom and dad sitting down and setting up “Mom and Dad” times where each of you have time to do your own things. You’ll notice I mentioned “Mom” time there too, don’t ever forget Mom needs her time too and at the end of the day a happy wife makes for a happy wood worker.

  • Bill Murphy - 11 years ago

    It was years ago, but it eventually gave me a reason for woodworking. I made furniture for my boys and now find myself making things for our Grandchildren as well. This year I made a bookcase for one Granddaughter, and I will always cherish helping my Grandson make a birdhouse he presented to his Grandmother.

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