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What is Palin's electability in a general election against Obama? (Poll Closed)

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  • yanqui704 - 13 years ago

    @Martin - Not true. When 64% of those polled say they will not vote for her, then Houston we have a problem. It's not personal, it's business. The business of beating Obama. Excuse me if I think that trumps supporting Palin.

  • Martin - 13 years ago

    Sarah Palin has the ability to inspire confidence in ourselves and the country. This reminds me of Ronald Reagan. What other candidate does that? This is what propelled Obama over Clinton. She is attractive, intelligent and likable. The professional political class--Left and Right-- is repulsed by her because she challenges them. She places her principles and country first over partisan politics. Anyone who says she can't win simply doesn't want her to run and win for either personal or political reasons.

  • jar59 - 13 years ago

    I love SP, but someone explain to me how she wins anything without the support of independents/moderates.
    I hate the fact that they have to be pandered to as much as anyone, but I deal with reality.

  • dan - 13 years ago

    Ziegler's right, she's taken too much of a beating and there's still far too many people that arent convinced that she's NOT an idiot. Congrats, Katie, you two-bit ^#@*! Seriously, it was like being in a room with 50 kindergartners and one stuck a post it on your back, they all wind up jumping up and down screaming "gotcha! gotcha!" ...good luck convincing them they didnt "get you."

    I'd fully support Sarah, I think she would exceed many expectations, but cmon, be realistic - 2012 is RIGHT OUT for Sarah. She needs to keep up the good job pushing the field, pushing the issues....but for godssakes woman, please....stay out of it this time around, do what's best for the team...

  • yanqui704 - 13 years ago

    @Dan Denali - Nice try, but I'm a tea party supporter. I've been to about 5 rallies in DC and have paid my tag fee for if/when VA issues TP plates.
    I like Palin and I hate how the media has treated her. I just honestly don't think she can win. And if she does win the Rep. nomination, I hope I'm wrong.
    I also think there are a lot of people that think supporting her is more important than beating Obama.
    If you wouldn't change your mind about Obama, why do you think anti-Palin people will change their's?

  • Dan Denali - 13 years ago

    @yanqui: First of all, your attempt at "reverse psychology" will only work on liberals and grade-schoolers. Your logic is an epic fail. "They want you pick her," you say. What, at their own demise? If we all listened to what you're saying, then Palin would win in a landslide. So you make no sense. Secondly, your handle is a play on the word "YANKEE". Which leads me to believe you may be only saying what you've said to foment divisions. It's easy to see through what you're doing. Not unlike your liberal ilk, you think this is all a game, don't you? You think you can outsmart anyone. But very much like your liberal ilk, you fail again.

  • Dan Denali - 13 years ago

    Mrs. Palin has been understand estimated since her days in the Wasila PTA. She has proved time and time again that she wins. If you believe her resigning from governorship was a fail, then you don't know the definition of WINNING FOR THE PEOPLE, which is exactly what happened. The people of Alaska won against wasteful and frivolous lawsuits that would have cost them leadership and tax dollars. The people of Alaska should be thankful to Mrs. Palin for having the foresight and honor to stop the bleeding by resigning in honor. Only the liberals and those who do NOT understand HONOR will use the resignation against her. Mrs. Palin's chances of being elected as president is high among those who understand honor and what this country is truly about.

  • yanqui704 - 13 years ago

    Ask yourself if hearing more from Obama will change your opinion of him. Guess what, people that don't like Palin will answer the same way you just did. Your support of Palin is blinding you to this obvious fact. After 3 yrs she is not a blank slate.
    Too many people think defending Palin is more important than defeating Obama. For people that think ignoring her very high entrenched negatives equates to letting the media pick our candidate - you might be right for the wrong reason. They want you to pick her.

  • Bob Davis - 13 years ago

    Sarah Palin presents the most clear constrast to Obama than any other candidate. She is a true conservative who has never wavered from her conservative values. I truly believe that, if she decide to run, she'll energize the conservative base in this country like no other candidate could. Additionally, I believe that when more people actually hear her speak--instead of hearing a filtered, liberal-biased synopsis of what she supposedly said through the mainstream media--they'll realize that she stands for the things that a majority of Americans stand for. Just let them hear her, and you'll begin to see public opinion sway her way in a big way.

  • Joe - 13 years ago

    I really like Sarah , and would vote for her. She is the only reason I voted for McCain. She has been tarnished in the eyes of most non-conservatives that I know. The average person does not know Sarah or what she has said, they only know what Tina Fay and others in the media have pretended she said. This "make believe Sarah Palin" is who they know and who they will not vote for regardless of how much they do not like Obama. So far the real Sarah Palin is still unknown to most Americans, and I see no way in this media climate to convince them they are mistaken and need to take another look. That is the hurdle she has not yet, and will have to overcome in my observation based on conversations in the workplace with a dozen pro-Obama voters that do not like him now, but only know the Tina Fay "Sarah" and not the real thing.

  • Polarbearpapa - 13 years ago

    If you look at the.. same as others Repubs and the more electable than others.......60%...hmmmm.....that is a pretty good ceiling for votes.......

  • Sachiko - 13 years ago

    i chose "more electable" because obama isn't going to be too popular with independents because of the bad economy. they will be less willing than before to trust obama again. palin presents a very clear contrast. she is not afraid to say that obama is a liar who is destroying the country. most of the other candidates are pretty weak. "squishes," maybe even "rinos" ... and you know what? palin is the most vetted out of everyone. the others haven't faced the amount of liberal/media hate that she has faced. *key point: the media will try to tear apart WHOEVER the nominee is.* palin is the only one who has been through that. and despite all she and her family have been through, she has not given up, she's still out there making her case and being herself. we should support her and not give up on her.

    whoever says she is "too damaged" by the media is giving up. they are telling libs: "if you attack our candidate strongly enough, we will surrender and say you won, and we will support someone else." i for one am not going to do that.

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