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  • Jamie - 11 years ago

    More family pics of those beautiful Soulsby women and daily updates on the constantly growing Zoey Maria. Maybe a photo of her in the same spot (next to a yardstick or specific piece of furniture or big stuffed animal or somethin') everyday so that the world can watch her grow before our very eyes. Trust me, it's like watching hair grow--you don't notice it as it's happening and suddenly, you've got long hair (i.e. a big baby girl...then a big little lady...then a young woman, who doesn't necessarily want you around taking pix of her everyday, anymore...then a totally self-sufficient (because she was well raised) independent woman who doesn't need you around anymore...then the mother of your grandchild, who simultaneously wants you around but can't stand all the wrong, old-fashioned baby advice you give, and can't stand how you spoil her child (but secretly loves how you spoil and love and love to be with and crawl around on the floor and make silly, stupid faces at her most beautiful child.) Possibly even as beautiful as your baby girl is now. Hey, let's bust out the old baby pix of when your baby girl was a baby girl. You know, the ones you took of her everyday, next to that (yardstick/piece of furniture /big stuffed animal or...?). Now aren't you glad you took them?! Look how cute and tiny she was! You can't even really remember what it felt like when she was just a little baby and yet, it feels like it was just yesterday...
    Kiss everybody and remember to count your blessings every single freakin' day!!

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