What color is your June bug?

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  • Mary - 1 year ago

    When I was a child there were so many brown June bugs. But no more. They signaedl the start of summer just as cicadas signaled the hottest part of summer. Today, I'm lucky if I see even one June bug. It makes me sad. Nesting birds used to have easy meals, but no more. I'm shocked beyond words that it's so Easy to find articles (not this one) such as at biologywise.com that say you should just kill them with pesticide if you see them in your yard. When o was a kid there were so many insects. But no more.

  • Nancy - 2 years ago

    Hi there! What an interesting article! I know this won’t likely be seen by most since the comments are so old, but my June Bug is brown and it’s esrly May here in Southern Illinois, just across the Mississippi River from downtown St Louis. I wish Gerry Holly who commented 2 years ago, (above) could see that they’re still thriving in my area.
    Loved reading this and the comments as I’ve had an ongoing discussion with a neighbor that called them something I can’t even recall right now. I’m from this area and don’t remember a time we didn’t have any. (I’m 57) so I’ve been around awhile. Thanks again. Loved this!!

  • Rachel - 3 years ago

    I grew up in the Houston and east Texas area. I remember the June bugs were one of my favorites. I was that weird kid with the bug collection that took up over half the garage. My sister was just teasing me about it not that long ago. This article brought back lots of good memories. Thank you.

  • Gerry Holly - 4 years ago

    I am 74 years old, i would fly the green June bug on a string when i was a little girl in southern Illinois......It has been years and years since i seen a june bug, I don't think they are here anymore.......So sad, i would have liked to have shown my Grandchildren how to fly a june bug, couldn't find any......

  • Harvey davidson - 4 years ago

    Your dad must have lived in a different North Carolina than I because my North Carolina June bug looks a lot like your Arizona June bug in my North Carolina the Japanese beetle is colored similar but is maybe 1/4 the size I have never seen a June bug eating leaves but have seen Japanese beetles destroying whatever they are on I lived in a part few have heard of the Murphy NC area Culberson NC Mineral Bluff,Blairsville Ga & Mcgeetown Tn and all those areas had your June bug as theirs not the much smaller Japanese beetle

  • Grateful - 5 years ago

    Thank you for writing this! My friend and I were confused the other day when he called what I know as a potato bug a June bug and this article clears up our confusion!

  • Simon Emerson - 5 years ago

    In UK, we don't have a June bug, but we do have a May bug also called a Cockchafer. It is brown. On CSI recently, they were black.

  • Dave Shantz - 6 years ago

    My June bug is brown. A Japanese beetle is a Japanese beetle, and as kids we used to "fly" the large green Fig beetle for a few minutes at the end of a piece of kite-string. Dad always made us let 'em go pretty quickly. (This was in Rockingham Co., VA)

  • Dee - 6 years ago

    I live in upper New York state and it's middle of July and I've yet to see a June Bug, I don't recall a year that I have not seen them in June, they might come end of may, go into july, but always been here in June, just very odd,

  • jerry grundy sr - 6 years ago

    thx as my dad,son an grandson are all nick named from the fig beetle june bug.I was at a loss when i seen some calling the brown beetle june bug too.

  • Koreen Terwilleger - 6 years ago

    That just turned my idea of what a June bug is upside down. I'm from Oregon,and I thought they were a big black Beatle with white stripes.

  • Koreen Terwilleger - 6 years ago

    That just turned my idea of what a June bug is upside down. I'm from Oregon,and I thought they were a big black Beatle with white stripes.

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