Best Guest Feature On 'All 6's And 7's' ?


  • A Peterson - 13 years ago

    5 votes for snoop? smh that verse was terrible. Busta had an amazing verse, and Big Scoob had an amazing verse too, but sadly most people voting in this poll have no idea who he is.

  • djc - 13 years ago

    Busta, B.O.B, Yelawolf and Twista def had the best verses

  • C Tucker - 13 years ago

    My vote is for Liz Suwandi on "Cult Leader" Such a mysterious, hypnotic voice! Who wrote that song? Hook is mega dope!

  • Dany kay - 13 years ago

    E40 good stuff , busta defntly, Liz A. Swandi great talent wack song.

  • Gabe - 13 years ago

    Hopsin is my favorite. B.O.B., Twista, and Stevie stone are good too. Also twisted insane

  • matt - 13 years ago

    busta! hopsin, B.O.B and E40 and Deftones close second and krizz Kalico - where is he on the list!

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