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Do you find LulzSec's activities amusing? (Poll Closed)

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  • james - 12 years ago

    Hunted down and executed? A bit extreme, perhaps...

    I think DDoS should be a legitimate means of protest, after all, no harm is done to the organization's property or data. It's basically a sit in protest: blocking admittance but causing no harm. It's very like Ghandi's acts of non-violence. The fact that 1st world governments are prosecuting these hactivists displays their ignorance of the procedure itself - or, they're knowingly violating free speech and assembly.

    However, publicly exposing data is too far. If an actual break-in is committed, then it is a crime similar to trespassing and theft.

  • targetman - 12 years ago

    They should be hunted down and executed on the spot. This is vandalism and bullying, pure and simple.

    If I walked around with a taser and zapped everyone that didn't take precautions, claiming that I was just doing it for fun and to show how people are not up to defending themselves, I would soon end up in jail.

  • Zakaboom - 12 years ago

    Yes, they are pointing out security issues, but a determined person, group or pro can break into just about anything. In my home, I can lock my doors, bar the windows, buy a guard dog, install an alarm system and put up cameras, but a determined pro can still get in. Can anything be COMPLETELY secure? I think this group has contributed to more of a fear for individuals then companies. I even hesitate posting this comment, in fear that there might be a reprisal to my email account for posting something negative. I think a better was for this group of pro hackers to help, is if they are going to hack, go ahead, but refrain from posting info or destroying systems. Then approach the company with solutions and get paid for the services. All they are doing now is pointing out flaws and being about solutions!?!

  • Sc00by - 12 years ago

    * Their, my bad :-)

  • Sc00by - 12 years ago

    Agree with the comments above on the whole. No it isn't funny, ultimately it's a criminal act but they are at times (rightly so I feel) making a mockery of security at companies that should know better. Some organisations really need to get there house in order.

  • Baba Mzee - 12 years ago

    caveat emptor...

  • Michael - 12 years ago

    The hacking and exposing activities are ok, and quite amusing. Yes, they are illegal, but at least they have a point to make about security. The DDoS attacks show almost no skill and are nothing to do with security or making any kind of rational point.

  • Slyjinks - 12 years ago

    I agree about the lack of options. Not funny, and I'm particularly bothered about them revealing personal information, but they frankly shouldn't be having this easy a time with it.

  • Exploter - 12 years ago

    No one have the right to use ddos to make his point this is like cyber terrorism, voted for "No, hacking into companies and launching DDoS attacks is no laughing matter"

  • Bob Smith - 12 years ago

    Agree with Kafeine that there aren't enough options. LulzSec and others like them are surely illustrating lack of security but they are hurting individuals in allot of cases rather than the company.

  • Kafeine - 12 years ago

    ...not enough options.

    No it's not funny, but they're making a serious point about security.

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