Do you feel bad for Vicki?

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Posted 8 years.


  • JJ Stevens - 7 years ago

    Vicki - the Real Hag of Orange County. Hopefully Bravo will fire her before next season. Who can stand looking at Miss Piggy's zits or listening to her idiotic drama queen mouth. From her DUI deadbeat boyfriend to the ridiculous relationship with her daughter, everything about this woman is disgusting. There is a lot of things money can't buy for this hag, including looks, brains, and a decent man. Bravo got rid of Alex McCord and her totally weird husband on NYC housewives. Two of the creepiest people on earth who managed to find each other. Now's the time to get rid of Vicki and move on.

  • Donna - 8 years ago

    You're a hypocrite ..You were always so jealous of Tamara and wanted to be just like her, well now you are. Brooks is filling your tank and you're "In Love", how long before you'll be filling his bank account? You've got exactly what he wants...$$$$$$$. I think all that blonde dye has gone to your brain!!!!!!....You're going to end up a very lonely old lady when your $ runs out because you certinally have nothing else going for you. OH!!! BTW, lay off the YAHOO, you sound and look ridiculous....

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