what is the most common symptom that a male would have if he had undiagnosed prostate cancer?

  • keith cass - 10 years ago

    'Symptoms' are also part of the ageing process, as John M says most men have no symtoms! What we need are more stand alone awareness campaigns, keep the research to government funding and the professional money raisers, they are excellent at what they do but so often profit and profile take precedence (hope thats not too controversial!!!) .
    The PSA test is what we have and what we have used for almost 3 decades, its not rocket science until it gets into the hands of those who dont truly know how to interpret the results, this so often leads to both over and under treatment of suspected prostate cancer patients and also plays into the hands of those who oppose screening for the biggest single gender cancer killer of men.
    Men need to be aware of the dangers of ignoring the test for prostate cancer, those men like myself who have been diagnosed too LATE for treatment would have liked to have had the opportunity of saying whether we wanted the test or not.
    Ask the 11,000 men who are about to die this year in the UK from prostate cancer and every one would say "I wish I had been tested earlier" Keith (red sock)

  • john mchugh - 10 years ago

    the most common symptom in prostate cancer is no symptom. the most common finding on physical exam is no finding i.e. a normal feeling prostate. say what you want about the pros and cons of the psa….it has increased the awareness and has found prostate cancer (as it did in me) before symptoms and before the prostate had any palpable abnormality….. jm

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