Should newspapers implement Majithia wage board recommendations for journalists and "other newspaper employees"?

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Poll posted 8 years ago.


  • ds negi - 8 years ago

    The people are shouting that wageboard should abolished they all are white elephant of the organisation. and don't want that one peon's family arise like them who are roaming around them round the clock. It's very unfortunate in this democratic country.

  • Kamal Gopinath - 8 years ago

    In the post IT age, many journalists come out badly in comparison to other sectors. I had been a loyal and honest journalist for long before getting into Advertising. I never ran after money. But, I realized that money is the only language that speaks even to some of those getting elected as MLCs from teachers and graduates constituencies. I had a shattering experience with one who I thought, during my stint as a journalist, to be above board and honest. So, apart from helping journalists' meet their legitimate need, the Wage Board must be implemented to protect the sanctity of the Fourth Estate, which unfortunately is facing an erosion of standards across the spectrum owing to the contract system and other advertising pressures.

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