Did Roger Ebert's tweet cross the line?

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  • Riley - 9 years ago

    I feel it was completely insensitive for ebert to say this hours after dunn died yes he was driving under the influence but does ebert even know ryan dunn people who have seen the movies probably know dunn better than ebert i have so many things that i could say out of hate towards ebert one insensitive tweet and others will say what they think towards ebert in my opinion i have lost respect for ebert the
    irony of this post is i am eleven

  • clarke - 9 years ago

    if ever you are a surviving family member of a person killed by a drunk driver...you will full well agree with the comment by ebert...whether the term "jackass" is the offensive word matters not to me, the speed with which he was driving is enough to elicit that term for me and the evidence he'd been drinking condemns him...my sincere condolences to the families for this needless tragedy

  • Chris - 9 years ago

    What a shame I guess that is how all of your deaths will be too you all most be priest or helping rebuild 3rd world country's the way you are all talking so high and mighty you are not even talking about him a sense of a person but as some type of debate the guy is dead and none of you moral agenda fucks even care you just care about expressing your own like bam said 2 cent on the subject this had nothing to do with society and sending a message its about his death and the people living on in morning not one of you would want to have you're son or brother called a "jackass" not even a week before he dies before they even begin to cope or even have a funeral you just want to find a so called way to express this onto the public in message its sick really you would not tell this to anyone face to face whose kid died the same way so your really just full of your self and if you did watch how fast there not going to stand for it its not about being right our wrong its about that he is gone both of them. he didn't have any right to say what he did he didn't even have anything to do with it he needs to shut up,

  • sam - 9 years ago

    I can't believe anyone's even debating this. Ebert was 100% right to say what he said, when he said it. NOW, in the little time span when mass media actually cares about his death (if he waited until next week, most people would have already forgotten).

    People have to realize they can't live like he and his friends do (did), with no accountability. There are consequences for extraordinarily reckless, selfish, asinine behavior - and people like Mr. Dunn must take responsibilty. Mr. Dunn lived a life of recklessness, one which often endangered others, not to mention influenced others to endanger themselves. I think Mr. Ebert showed restraint in not pointing out that his death is actually a positive for society as a whole.

    Dunn's drinking (however much or little) and driving (at speeds far exceeding any legal or rational limit) is inexcusable. It was clearly dangerous, and he was lucky that only he and his passenger died -- he could have hit a coach bus full of passengers, or a family driving home late at night, or something even more tragic.

    Let's not forget that, had he survived, he would have been a murderer and would have been prosecuted for killing his car's passenger. Just because he died doesn't make what he's done wrong just suddenly -poof!- disappear.

  • marsha - 9 years ago

    the first question is ? does ebert even know ryan dunn on a personal level? know one will no till the test come back if he was drinking and driving . also people should never hold anyone responsiable for someones bad actions or judgements. ebert needed to be straight with hes words and exsplain he's thoughts before making a statement like that! also don't forget that there was two human beings that died . those two men were family and friends and a son to people . there loved ones are morning . all of us should show them the respect regardless of what happened . we all know that drinking and driving is stupid people still take the chance to do it anyway ! hopefully if dunn did make that choice to get in the car and make a bad choice that people will learn from this mistake and not do it themselves! but as all of us being human ,and im sure we all know how it is to lose a loved one . stop and think what you say because there is people that are feeling the loss ,and angry that they couldn't help him. "to have no heart for the dead, you have no heart for the living" !! my heart goes out to both of those men regardless of what happened ! sorry to there family and friends as this time will be hard enough ,but to have to deal with selfish assholes on top of it sucks !! just remember what ever the media and the people that didnt no those men say , has no reflection on how they touched hes family and friends lives !! r.i.p guys your in a better place now

  • Dory - 9 years ago

    Ebert is right. Dunn took his life and a friend. Dunn was not such a good friend if he didn't care enough to not drive.

  • Tom Edge - 9 years ago

    Mr. Ebert is correct and should not even think of apoligising to anyone. How do drinkers get so upset when you talk about some drunk, driving and killing. The driver had at least 6 drinks not too long before he drove, so why didn't the bar take his keys. What about the couples (non) friends who were with them. They are guilty also. The bar employees, owner, and waitress should be put in jail for EVER ! All they want to do is sell another stupe another beer after beer after beer, and so on. Grease the bar peoples pockets supid people and enjoy the stay in the shelters and AA.

  • Jack - 9 years ago

    The Jackass movies encouraged a careless and cavalier behavior. The movies encouraged the behavior in others; the notoriety from the movies encouraged the subjects to greater feats of “jackassery” . The truth may be painful and distasteful to some, but it is no less true. Granted, the tests are not back yet to prove that alcohol contributed to the accident, but is there any doubt that the deceased was chose to endanger himself, his passenger, and other motorist by drinking and driving.

    Those feeling the pain and loss of their loved one should be railing with the anguish that if they did not discourage the behavior, then they enabled it.

  • Roger Wirsing - 9 years ago

    People that drink and drive and cause the death of others are guilty of murder. Too bad, too sad if you think it insensitive to insult the drunk driver.

  • Brian - 9 years ago

    If Roger Ebert's Tweet prevented another person from driving drunk, it was worth it. Timing and insensitivity be damned if someone else's life was saved from the horrors of being killed by a drunk driver.

  • Chrissy - 9 years ago

    I think his comment was too late - he's dead.

  • Gray Grantham - 9 years ago

    One less drunk on the road, its a good start.

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