Is drawing down 10,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan this year...

  • Tyler R. - 9 years ago

    Yes, your right the reason it happened is because we are in the Middle East. With that being said the United States will NEVER leave the Middle East. The reason for that as everyone knows is oil. With well over a third of the world's oil in the Middle East, 25% of that being from Saudi Arabia, there is just no way we could pull out and leave our energy security to chance.

    Now some might say that, well we need to develop other methods to secure and deversify our energy supply. To that I would say you are correct, but to be realistic that is going to be some time in the future as a result of our government dragging its feet and special interest groups.

    To further emphasize the point that we will never leave the Middle East, the United States has just built massive bases in Iraq, and an embassy that is about the size if not bigger than Vatican City. These are NOT temporary structures. With the knowledge that we are not going to leave, shouldn't we decide to make ourselves as safe as possible. Therefore I believe leaving Afghanistan too early and not leaving enough boots on the ground is a terrible mistake. Not to mention many of the soldiers themselves stating that they do not want their fellow soldiers to have died in vein. We owe it to them to stay the course.

  • Squidman - 9 years ago

    Give me a break. The reason 9/11 happened is because we keep messing around in the Middle East.

    We need to get out, now. Ron Paul 2012.

  • Tyler R. - 9 years ago

    Well lets see.... as Americans would we like to see the progress and sacrifice made by our troops fade just because we as a nation no longer have the stomach for a drawn out war? Granted this is the longest war that we have encountered to date; that is by no means an excuse to give up because we have a false since of accomplishment as a result of Osama's death.

    It would seem logical to listen to the soldiers, commanders on the ground, defense department, and intelligence officials, including the voice of our outgoing secretary of defense Robert Gates, who for the majority were hoping for a lower figure. I personally would like to provide the troops the most amount of support possible, which in this case would entail leaving the surge troops on the ground to push the the insurgents as hard as possible during the fighting season. Not to mention the fact the additional troops provide more ammo for the coalition on the negotiating table with the Taliban. This is a conflict that CANNO'T be solved without a an agrement by both sides. So why not do what is necessary to give our nation the best possible outcome.

    People to often have turned soft and have failed to realize that our nation was built on the blood of individuals willing to put themselves in harms way in order to secure a safer future for our next generation. I for one believe that the security of Afghanistan is now intertwined with that of our own. That is if we hope to ward of another 9/11.

    If we decide to invade a nation we need to stay for as long as it takes to ensure its stability. While Afghanistan was not stable to begin with from our stand point, one main reason we went there was to install that stability so that it could not be used as a safe haven again. Stay the course, be strong, and America might avoid a situation in which we have to return to Afghanistan again in the future. Maybe if we stayed after our "covert" operations during the Soviet invasion and actually helped to rebuild and provide security then we wouldn't be here now again. Lets not make the same mistake!

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