Do you feel a National Health Care Plan will improve or worsen Prostate Cancer Awareness and Treatment?
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  • Rich Greiner PCa-D4 - 6 years ago

    Only personal experience, therefore rather limited scope. England: in the loo at a pub, often a condom dispensing machine. And, right over the urinal, a notice from the NHS-National Health Service, urging that you get educated about prostate cancer, call for a pamphlet, talk to your doctor, etc. Presumably you will learn that early detection saves lives.

    Dear English mine with sister over there: "There can a wait for some NHS services if the problem doesn't need immediate care. (so many have BUPA, a private, low cost, health insurance provider) to back up NHS care. If it's cancer, the treatment is immediate, red carpet, VIP, just wonderful"

    National Health Care for the U.S. so far a non-starter--- as involves the question of provider/insurance company/big pharma executive income.. Brave of President Obama to try to throw the dog a bone with the Affordable Car Act, knowing that Hilary got nowhere with the idea. It seems it will take somebody with the leadership and pull of Jesus hisself to create a federal National Healthcare system in the U.S. Talk with a German or Frenchman/woman of trading their national health schemes.for the higglety-piggelty "I've got mine" non-system in our country.

    Thank you Dr. McHugh for the Newsletter! Have enjoyed it an learned from it for years now.. Penelope and Chloe, woof on!

    With thanks for all your good work, Rich Greiner, Tucson & Belfast, Maine. (dau. Savannah)

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