Vote: Marianas Trench's Red Carpet Entrance for 2012 MMVAs (Poll Closed)

  • from a hot air balloon
    31 votes

  • from go karts
    32 votes

  • from a horse-drawn carriage
    9 votes

  • from bicycles built for two/four (tandem bikes)
    23 votes

  • from bicycle taxis (rickshaw tricycles)
    7 votes

  • with sumo wrestlers
    10 votes

  • with their parents
    23 votes

  • with a fan (Trencher) for each member (contest entries?)
    74 votes

  • popping out of a cake! (not real, of course)
    22 votes

  • dressed as "Celebrity Status" characters: Three's Company (pomegranate)
    24 votes

  • dressed as "Celebrity Status" characters: Cops & Robbers
    3 votes

  • dressed as "Celebrity Status" characters: 70s disco
    11 votes

  • dressed as superheroes (or their aliases, like Captain Happy Pants)
    36 votes

  • dressed as Mortal Kombat / Street Fighter characters
    13 votes

  • OTHER.... please leave a comment. :)
    6 votes


Posted 8 years.


  • Ashley - 7 years ago

    They should dress up as Disney Princesses!

  • Kristie - 7 years ago

    They should all dress up as one of the characters from the Celebrity Status video. Josh has to be Haratio!

  • Emma - 8 years ago

    drive off a hot air ballon with go karts. where you met a sumo wrestler and you call in the fan to help defet the sumo wrestler, then after you take down the wrestler met up with your parents where they congradulate you. Then you ride a bicycle in to stage place.

    and that would be the best entrance ever

  • Primetime - 8 years ago

    The fan thing would be cool, I will admit, but it wouldn't really be a good choice, because the guys have to get to the fans waiting, and would they even allow a fan on the red carpet? I'm just saying.

  • Haley - 8 years ago

    I really think these are all great Idea's .. YOU GUYS SHOULD DO LIKE A MIXTURE OF THEM . that would be sooo amazing . haha

  • Kallista - 8 years ago

    Riding Camels!!!!!!!

  • Florence - 8 years ago

    either the hot air balloon or bring a fannn !! holy shyt, that'll make 4 ppl's life time dream come truee ! xD hmm, maybe that's not everyone life long dream but that's one of mine :p !

  • jackie - 8 years ago

    LOL if they went with their parents, it wouldnt be fair to ian because hes a test tube baby :P

  • Courtney - 8 years ago

    You should come dressed as eachother!! Matt as Mike, Mike as Josh, Josh as Ian and Ian as Matt!!

  • Hannah - 8 years ago

    be lowered from a hot air balloon on tandem bikes with a fan(s), while the members of marianas trench wearing cupcake bras ( such as california girls vid). then everyone is carried by sumo wrestlers who were riding in a unicorn drawn carriage :D ultimate entrance!

  • Rebecca - 8 years ago

    Come in a Tardis. If you don't know what that is, find out.

  • jen - 8 years ago

    all of these are great... you should surprise us :)

  • Amy - 8 years ago

    I think you should drop in via hot air ballon, pop out of a cake, dressed in 70's Disco, with a fan for each member! lol That would be incredible!

  • Ali - 8 years ago

    a pirate ship!!

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