Would You Have Exercised Riggleman's Option?


  • jon - 13 years ago

    I wouldn't have picked up his option. We had him in Seattle as the interim manager in 2008 and he was one of the worst managers I ever saw. There's a reason he didn't manage in the Majors for nine years until getting the interim gig in '08. He'll never get another managing job.

  • mike - 13 years ago

    Rizzo said on fox baseball Davey Johnson wasn't even guaranteed a managerial contract next year. Why go through the processes even in bringing johnson in only to not have him back for next year. The washington nationals are going through transition now from the players they have and the draft choices they made, so they expect to compete in the coming years. but if they are not competing like the way they should be (see russ nixon's tenure on the 91 braves), then change managers. Should have been more committed to riggleman for at least one more year. 99 cubs maybe not his fault. bad start for a team which kept aging players and made a scapegoat out a rising player and discarding other up and coming players.

  • TGov - 13 years ago

    He did NOT demand the option to be exercised, he simply wanted to discuss the option and the team denied those discussions to take place on numerous occasions... that's ridiculous especially for a manager who is winning at the time... I dont agree with Riggleman leaving in the middle of the season, that's very unprofessional and unfair to the team but at least talk to the guy about this situation... I mean what's 15-20 mins of your time to say your doing a great job but we just want to see how you are towards the end of the season then we'll make our decision on your option... Is that so hard?

  • Derek - 13 years ago

    As much as I think Riggleman was not fairly compensated for what he did for that Nats, he did not do enough to have his option picked up during the season. How many managers have their contract options exercised during the seasons? Regardless of the thoughts that he was or wasn't the manager to lead them in the future, it's inconceivable to think that giving your boss an ultimatum when you're showing progress consistently for the first time during your time as manager would be an effective technique to ensuring your long-term stability with said program.

  • Jeffrey Lage - 13 years ago

    I wouldn't pick it up because I wouldn't accept a manager making demands like that.

    We said we would talk about it in the off-season, if you want that option picked up, make sure you end the season well.

    If you want to walk, we have plenty of other people dying for this position that are likely just as competent.

  • Don Doran - 13 years ago

    As a fan I always expect a player on my or any other team to honor a contract that they signed off on in ANY sport.So why should I feel any sympathy for a manager who walks away from a job that frankly,I think he should kiss the ground.that he got that job.Shows me that he is not a players mgr. Hope Jim saved his overpriced pay and now the NATS have a REAL ML manager!

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