Should Parents Allow Teens To Have Sex Under Their Roof?
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  • sex couples - 7 years ago

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  • Montoyis - 9 years ago

    First of, teens are going to have sex where ever they can get away with it. You can't stop nature but I just feel better letting my child no that I don't condone sex in my house.

  • Keith Holt - 9 years ago

    No kids shouldn't be allowed to have sex in their parents house. I am pretty sure you most kids would not take their parents up on the opportunity. I know as a teenager I wouldn't feel comfortable having sex with my parents in the backroom...

  • Marshall - 9 years ago

    Hell no! They should not allow teenagers to have sex anywhere. It's irresponsible behavior because no matter where it happens there's a chance for consequences that they are not ready to deal with. Thinking about it, I would seriously put fists to faces if I found out my daughter was pregnant and it happened at her boyfriend's house whose parents allowed them to have sex there! I will just leave it at that.

  • Mistabill - 9 years ago

    The Mrs and I used to have very different opinions on this topic. She was saying no boyfriends/girlfriends for our kids until they were out of high-school. I don't believe that's reasonable, if you forbid your hormonal teenager from dating, they are still going to date whoever they choose outside of your home and more than likely make irresponsible choices when it comes to sex.

    If they feel they can't be honest with you and there isn't a mutual trust, then they will hide what's really going on.

    We're going to let our kids date whoever they wish but it's important that we meet who they are dating and build a respectful relationship with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Then when it comes time for them to make decisions about sex, they won't hide things and make more responsible decisions because they know we’ll know what’s going on.

    Plus if the kids feel safe in our home, if some little bastard screws up and gets my daughter pregnant, I can cut him with my Samurai Sword.

  • trojanscooter - 9 years ago

    Parents should be the first ones to educate their children on and about sex. They also set the example for relationships go, so it isn't too much of a stretch to allow their children to have sex in their homes.

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