Are you going to miss Alex and Cindy?

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  • Michelle - 7 years ago

    They should've gotten rid of RAMONA at the very least. I'd like to see all of them go away, but the others I can stand (except Kelly). I think this last season Alex and Jill were the most likeable. Cindy started off okay and then annoyed me. Sonja and the Countess acted like b1tches, as well as Kelly, which I didn't appreciate. And I just cant stand Ramona no matter what she does. Her energy is too twitchy. Take her off the air!!

  • Linda - 8 years ago

    I'm not happy Alex is leaving! I hope Kelly goes, she is just plain dumb. She keeps saying others are creepy or fake and she is such a suck up to the Countess. She couldn't find her way out of a paper bag. She steps in where she has no business to try and settle things, but in fact she makes them worse. She puts other in fights then leaves the room because she is so wanting peace. She tells Alex she is weird about 10 times in 2 mins in Morroco, but Kelly look in the mirror, you at the tops for weird. I will miss Alex, but sure am glad Ramona and Sonja will be still there, so it will be great! The blondes rule on this show, the others?? ugghh!!

  • jacqui - 8 years ago

    I am so happy that Alex is leaving! I love Jill and I really felt that Alex just joined the lynch mob in season 3. I couldn't stand the way she was acting all self righteous, like butter wouldn't melt. I never heard any admissions of any wrong doing and the fact that even Bethany has now said that Alex did get herself involved in a lot of drama speaks must be a real smack in the face for Alex!!
    How does the shoe feel on the other foot Alex?!

  • Dawn - 8 years ago

    I HOPE this is true and it's the end of Alex and the limelight lover himself - Simone! He is JEALOUS that she gets all the attetnion - just thought buddy what else did you think the "Real Housewives of New York is about buddy? NO it's not about there openly gay partners, it's about the WOMEN PERIOD! BYE Alex, and simone and take Kelly with you - she is dumbing it down - it's even funnier when I drive by the stores!!!!e SEE ya!

  • Jen - 8 years ago

    Alex is a loser. She is so ugly... the description of "horse-faced" was so accurate. I am glad she is leaving. The show will be 100% better without her. I laughed for DAYS on the episode where she said she was very proud of her looks... LOL!

  • robin sweeney - 8 years ago

    Cindy sucks! She IS a sour puss. That conference call was unbelievably rude and obnoxious and does she spend ANY time w/her kids?!! It seems her minions are the ones doing all the work. Ooh I just can't stand her. Alex is just amusing because she is so wierd. Almost died when Neil Patrick Harris called her the frankenstien looking one.

  • carol - 8 years ago

    I only watch this show occasionally, because i cannot stomach Kelly, and i was
    a faithful viewer. So, now i watch the Atlanta and New Jersey housewives.

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