Is Newsweek's 'Diana at 50' cover offensive?


  • dane graves - 11 years ago

    You made her look like she is 68 not 50! for gosh sakes She is The Queen of Heart, and always will be. I still miss her.

  • Ed Mays - 11 years ago

    I see nothing wrong with it....she was the queen of people`s hearts. But who started this trend of wearing ugly halloween hats? Take a hint from the Queen Elizabeth.

  • Emily - 12 years ago

    I think it was playful, and not at all offensive (Both were dressed modestly) But the Diana we know would certainly not have had that many wrinkles. As she aged she became very particular about her appearance and worked out to keep in top health. Most women of 50 now look about 35 - Diana would have been no exception.

  • Ima - 12 years ago

    Even in death, the poor woman cannot escape the paparazzi! Shame on you, Newsweek. Let her finally find some peace.

  • Lillyanna - 12 years ago

    As long as there is a mankind, Princess Diana will live on , in our hearts and minds...

  • Elaine Turner - 12 years ago

    The news - the world - needs to let Diana rest in peace and let her sons live in their own lives, not the shadow of hers.

  • Sam - 12 years ago

    Just because the Newsweek wants to follow the footsteps of British ragsheets to sell mags, this photoshopped disaster is a heinous disrespect to Princes William and Harry and to the country that loved her.

  • Daisy - 12 years ago

    I find the photograph of an aged Princess Diana disturbing. I am quite surprised at Ms. Brown's approval of such a cover considering the fact that Ms. Brown and Princess Diana were acquainted. The text should have sufficed - they should have used a photo of Princess Diana and a photo of her new daughter-in-law not this photoshopped version of an aged Princess.

  • Susan Lloyd - 12 years ago

    Once again, Newsweek offends! I canceled a subscription of 25 years due to the offensive nature of their covers...remember Sarah Palin in short shorts and more recently, Mitt Romney, the dancing Mormon. I guess they will do anything to sell what used to be a reputable magazine. It has become a biased gossip tabloid. Shame on you Newsweek!

  • Teresa Spurr - 12 years ago

    Tina Brown is over the hill.

  • Shelly - 12 years ago

    Diana would look much better than that. Her aged face is that of someone who has not taken care of their skin properly. I'm sure Diana would have also taken advantage of all the new treatments that cosmetic dermatology offers now.

  • John - 12 years ago

    As a Canadian taxpayer who will pay $5million for this rich couple(Katie and Willie) to spend 8 days touring our country, I also understand why I no longer read Newsweek. Canada is one of the very few countries in the world where a Canadian cannot be head of state. The Act of Settlement(1701) means that A Roman Catholic(43% of Canadians) cannot be Head of State of Canada . Why doesn't Newsweek do a cover story on this problem?

  • glenn poulin - 12 years ago

    I stopped reading Newsweek many years ago because it read like a tabloid and not like a news magazine it claims to be. This covers reaffirms my decision.

  • RON - 12 years ago

    As an artist, a graphic artist, and a fan of female face and form, in my opinion the artist has overaged Dianna. A person with Dianna's resources would appear much younger at 50 years of age. Especially on a shopping spree with her daughter-in-law.

  • colleen - 12 years ago

    Can't say I'm a fan of the fam, BUT I surely do not think Dianna would look like someone that over tanned in their earlier years bringing on deep and plenty wrinkles. She always had more of a porcelin look to her, AND her skin was esquisite. The picture does her quiet an injustice and places her more like mid 60s. Also, the article that goes with it is way off. I don't think anyone (except for apparently the writer) believes that Dianna would change completely including getting an apartment in NY.
    The writer merely made an American out of Dianna and I think more people would agree that there was nothing wrong with the way she was. If it's not broke, don't fix it.

  • Emily - 12 years ago

    Not what I'd expect on the cover of Newsweek! Had there been a category beyond "horrible" it would have been my choice.

  • liz - 12 years ago

    In poor taste.

  • JEAN - 12 years ago

    What ifs are so dumb? Get real people. The only time age progression is of any use is when you are trying to find children that have been abducted, or to identify a dead body.

  • Staci - 12 years ago

    Exactly what Rose said.

  • Rose McSpadden - 12 years ago

    She was what she was. She is gone and to try to predict what she would have looked like and what she would be doing is totally ridiculous. It is as absurd as trying to predict what she would say. Show us her real pictures and let us remember her as she was. She was beautiful, young and a very special person. Don't try to resurrect her in your own image. This is not news, this is fantasy. I will never buy another non-"Newsweek" magazine.

  • Anne Arkey - 12 years ago

    This is more Tina Brown fluff. In short, nothing to write about actually. Poor Diana. Even in death, she gets no rest. Newsweek is no longer published as a weekly and hard-core news is no longer its forte. The magazine is reduced to this.

    Let the princes William and Harry imagine what might have been. The boys made their statement when Kate Middleton got Diana's engagement ring.

  • throwback - 12 years ago

    Who cares? There are far more important happenings that a once-respected magazine could have on its cover. This made-up, pretend situation with a dead mother-in-law and her new daughter-in-law worshipfully following a ghost's fashion lead is in the end kind of stupid and so-what. Tina Brown and her artist who put the scene together get one star for imaginative creativity.

    Newsweek has become a cheap celebrity rag emulating the Enquirer from who we would expect this kind of trickery. As long as readers believe in "commoners" and "royals" the media will dish them stories on these people of no accomplishment, famous for their fame and an inherited title.

    Diana, who was beautiful and photogenic, deserves credit for her work to eliminate land mines. At the same time, who doesn't sympathize with her for the situation she innocently walked into.

  • blutruffle - 12 years ago

    Newsweek was better as a news magazine - never mind the celebrity trash

  • Jeff - 12 years ago

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. This is horribly tasteless. I'm not even a fan of the royal family, but this is just awful.

  • Madeline - 12 years ago

    The concept of the article is not a bad one, but the picture was certainly a bad idea.

  • Michael Malak - 12 years ago

    Diana with the cream; hardly, she'd in Monaco with a man with a beard. Right on fashion though and they have a casino Monaco's royals can't enter. Go Diana. Keep the shoes and cut some slits

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