Do you think animals can 'talk' to us?

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  • Rich - 11 years ago

    I've had cats all my life, and met over a hundred, nose to fingers, doing rescue work. Those two cats are fighting, and what the cat is saying to the other that sounds like "I love you" is not repeatable in an open forum. Lets just say the other cats lineage, personal grooming, sexual preferences, and favorite football team have all been called into question.

  • Zot - 11 years ago

    My red cat was a stray in the back yard of my new house when I moved in a year ago. He hasn't said anything intelligent yet, but he is still the most talkative cat I've ever known. Maybe I should show him the video and see if he can figure it out :~).

  • Eileen Barayasarra - 11 years ago

    I had a pit bull who learned to say BONE and OUT!
    Years later, I had a yellow lab who saved my life. A man ran in my back door and down in to the basement. My dog rarely barked, but that day she stood in the laundry room and would not stop barking. I got my pistol and together we ran him to the garage. As he came up the stairs, I got a bead on him and planned to shoot him. But, as he got closer, the dog decided she had to move ME out of danger. She launched herself and bent my knees backward and I fell against the washer. SPOILED MY AIM! I had 17 beautiful police officers here in no time at all! He was a very dangerous person. But, it was the dog who alerted me in time to get the pistol. His own daddy told me over at the courthouse that his son would surely have killed me if I had not had the pistol. PETS ARE WONDERFUL! So are pistols. So are police officers. In that order.

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