An Even Swap ... Or Not?

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Posted 8 years.


  • Eliot - 7 years ago

    I gotta disagree about Miller's D though... What defensive edge are they talkin about? Neither player does much on D. The edge for Miller would be his confidence

  • Eliot - 7 years ago

    Man am I glad the Nugs got rid of Felton! He cost us some playoff games last year and Miller has a much higher BBall IQ and intuition. Not to mention he is the iron man of the NBA. He's puttin up better number than Felton, on a better (despite roster changes and injury-ridden) team. Welcome back to Denver, Andre!

  • Nick - 8 years ago

    Agree with above comments and don't understand the reasoning behind calling it a straight up swap of PGs. For starters, Portland did not just give up Miller, they also gave up Fernandez. So essentially two players for Felton. And let's not forget that the Nugs got Jordan Hamilton as well, maybe the steal of the draft considering that his PPG increased by about 7 points frpm his Freshman to Sophmore years, plus his better attitude. Denver wins this one.

  • Steven Dwyer - 8 years ago

    Agree with Charles, Denver does not need another PG that has a similar playing style as Ty Lawson. GO NUGGETS

  • Charles Murray - 8 years ago

    Sorry-- you have to consider the impact on both teams, rather than each player's capabilities. You did that with Portland, but, do know that Ty Lawson is already more of an impact player than either of the other two? So Denver does not need another point guard who wants to start . And the experience of Miller is what the Nuggets need at the end of games... way to go Nuggets!

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