Will You Sign Up & Use Google+


  • Jordan - 13 years ago

    There should be an alternative option: "I AM social, but I will NOT use it nor Facebook, and wait for the third option."

    What's the third option? Glad you asked... Its currently under development and looking to enter beta by January 1st. The problem with G+, as pointed out by Mona Arora, is that G+ brings nothing innovative to the table. They copied FBs layout, they utilize existing services to replicate FB's features, and have no grounds for a solid foundation. Only techs and geeks will be using G+ -- but for how long? Once the newness wears off and people realize that its not popular, it will die off among the rest of the failed Google projects.

    But that third option, think of them, think of us as an Apple. We're not reusing the same interface, we're not using anything Google, we won't be data mining our users and selling the info to the highest bidder, we won't force you to have 2 accounts for hard core parties.

    Matter of fact, we aren't even going to add "new cool tech features." We're going to give you a new way to socialize which will do everything you already do, just better, easier, and more efficiently and unlike Facebook: won't require a learning curve in a hideous interface.

  • Charley - 13 years ago

    I've wanted to dump a lot of people from my fb friends anyway. This will be a good excuse. And lol @ the somewhat slanted answer options.

  • Christopher Bill - 13 years ago

    I've made the initial switch. The majority of my time is spent on G+, and I go on Facebook to check my notifications. I pretty much stopped sending out messages/comments on Facebook, except to refer people to my G+ account. I'd really like for it to take off and I think it will. I also think it's enough like Facebook so people won't be confused getting started, but they can change it little by little to make it completely unique. A seamless transition. The one roadblock is they absolutely need a way to get Facebook pictures moved over... though I've started moving them manually anyway.

  • Doug - 13 years ago

    I think people like the way FB works, not the best. Now that they have learned the ropes do they want to learn something all over again. If the 2 are so similar then whats the carrot that will pull customers over to Google +. What I would like is interaction between Google+ and the users to make it the best. I don't see that at FB. I want to set up my own page the way I want it so that I can navagate around the site how I choose, similar to Igoogle where I can set up my page with the things that interest me.
    One of the things I don't like about FB is there adds geared to me. I'm single but I don't like adds about dating sites. We should be able to opt out of adds we don't care for.

  • Mona Arora - 13 years ago

    Google+ JUST copied Facebook..!!

  • Arunkumar L - 13 years ago

    "Sure I will use it" is wrong. Sure I will TRY it is right. If it works better than FB then I will use it.

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