Which One Do You Like Best?


  • Maureen - 13 years ago

    I like #3 because it's lighter and you can see the detail in the chairs. It reminds me of a quaint place in the Virgin Islands.

  • Al - 13 years ago

    Not a big fan of HDR. Of the 3, I like #1 the best. I would like to see a non-HDR version.

  • Adam Fondren - 13 years ago

    Not being a fan of HDR....... I would have to go with #1 as it is seems to be the least HDR of the bunch.

  • Kent - 13 years ago

    No. 1 looks the least washed out to me. They all have a painterly effect, which I like. No. 1 just appeals to be more than the other two.

  • J├╝rgen - 13 years ago

    No. 1 is the best, No. 2 and 3 have too much of the HDR effect.

  • jim - 13 years ago

    I like #3 ; given the scene, I think lighter & brighter work best. Now that said, I think I'd darken up the floor just a tad to help provide more contrast with the rest of the indoor scene

  • Michael Harris - 13 years ago

    Don't get me wrong I do like HDR and have made a few images myself and I liked some of the HDR you have done in the past, But i don't like either of the 3 images. The reason for me is there is no atmosphere in either of them it's just a BLAHHHH HDR image. No character no feeling of I'm there, I cant here the hustle of the cup and cutlery and stuff .... nothing Just BLUAHHH

  • Uncool - 13 years ago

    The spotlight effect on the painting above the door makes #3 my choice. For me that highlight turns this slice of life image into something more interesting.

  • buzzregog - 13 years ago

    #1 for me, as a rule I enjoy HDR but prefer images that don't approach the "acid trip" look :)

  • Erik - 13 years ago

    Number 1 feels the least fake

  • Page - 13 years ago

    #1, Seems more of a "natural" surrounding. #2 I don't like the way the process effected the ceiling texture (the dark spots) around the top of the ceiling where it meets the back wall (looks like smudge effect). #3 has too harsh of lighting applied to the backs of the green chairs, all over done effects.

  • Mukesh Wani - 13 years ago

    I like #3 because it pops out more almost like a 3D picture.

  • Ronald Meyer - 13 years ago

    #1 is the best. I'm turned off by the "halos" in the other images. 1 seems to be the average of 2 and 3.

  • James George - 13 years ago

    I chose #3, because the greens are more vibrant and lively, punching up the overall impact of the image. The first two are dull and dreary in places, such as the chairs, and the painting on the wall. The third one is brighter and has an open feel, and if I saw this in a magazine or on a wall, I would notice it, but the other two have less impact, so if I saw them I might not take as much notice.

  • David McLaughlin - 13 years ago

    I like #3 the best because it's lighter and you can see more shadow detail (see table in upper right side, and whites are cleaner (ceiling & walls).

  • John Crocker - 13 years ago

    #3 seems more light and airy , tropical for a seaside site

  • laura - 13 years ago

    I think number 3 also draws you into the room more because of the more vivid colors out the back door in the center of the photo.

  • vincent - 13 years ago

    the overall tone of #3 was better I thought.
    however, lots of ghosting around the folks eating outside. the other 2 were clearner to that respect.

  • Joyce - 13 years ago

    I think each of the three has its positive points. I chose #1 because the "traffic" dirt on the floor is less obvious here. Unfortunately, HDR can increase the appearance of such dirt and here it is distracting. Since this is a restaurant, I would have "cleaned" the floor.

  • Oliver - 13 years ago

    all 3 are bad HDRs.

    When I look at an image and smacks of HDR, no matter how nice the composition is, it's an instant fail.

    Successful HDR processing is effective when nobody notices it has been processed.

  • Mike M - 13 years ago

    I do HDR alot (mostly for real-estate) and i feel that #3 is more balanced for the whites and HDR tends to turn white into a deep grey.
    Plus i like the vivid green colors on chairs brings attention to foreground.
    overall Great job!

  • John Fowler - 13 years ago

    #3 while a bit obviously hdrd captures what I believe would be the feeling of the scene as seen byu the photographer at the time. It is certainly much cloer to the psychological reality of the scene.

  • William JD - 13 years ago

    D. None. This surreal version of 'hdr' should be tagged with another name, it isnt HDR.

  • Ana Adams - 13 years ago

    Not the best HDR lover here, but I prefer #2 for the less artificial greens and shadows . There is a natural and expected darkening of the details inside the room, such as the painting on the wall and the floor contrast that looks better for my eyes.

  • Felipe Arruda - 13 years ago

    Personally I love the Trey Ratcliff's HDR style (a lot different from the 3).

    Bud between those, i get #1.

  • Charles Smith - 13 years ago

    I think #1 is as I might have seen the original environment. The others have too much detail in wood and on walls.

  • Thomas - 13 years ago

    Number 1 is the best - to my taste. Too much -HDR in no. 2 and 3

  • John Meade - 13 years ago

    I love that #3 makes the foreground the star with it's brighter colors. Your eye is lead perfectly throughout the bright forest to the outside tree. It reminds me of the artist who was commercially popular about 15 -18years ago (his name escapes me) whose paintings always lead to an outside scene but the foreground, with it's rich detail was the focus.

  • hans - 13 years ago

    Too much HDR for me. Option 1 is the best of the selection, but still not good.

  • Anil - 13 years ago

    All 3 look more like paintings rather than photographic images. The 3rd is most painting like, so my choice obviously!

  • Tim Bond - 13 years ago

    I feel like number three flows the whole way through to the people outside. Whereas the first two seen to remain inside the room.

  • Sue - 13 years ago

    Number 3 for me represents light and life and feels like it reflects The Mediterranean, which gives me the feel good facter . I'm no expert but I am drawn to walk through and sit and have a glass of wine and look at that view...the other two feel too dark...

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