Which do you check first on a typical day?


  • Gaz - 15 years ago

    Hmmm, there was no option for IRC...

  • Nick Booth - 15 years ago

    6 months ago I didn't understand Twitter, now all those "good morning" and 'getting on train to.." is my substitute for an office, so my first port of call.

  • Nico Macdonald - 15 years ago

    Call me old fashioned, but... I filter all email not directly to me, so my inbox is fairly controlled. We have no way to manage large amounts of RSS feeds, as I have argued for years, in the Guardian, Register and elsewhere. (We also need to do work on email management.) I do see Facebook status updates first, only because FMenu and Growl on MacOS put them on top of everything else.

  • Mohamed - 15 years ago

    I'm at war with information overload ... but currently it is e-mail and then twitter.

  • Martin Jamieson - 15 years ago

    It used to be my RSS reader, but in the last week, Twitter has taken over... not sure how that happened, but Twitter has taken over a lot of things this week, lol @martyj

  • Kyle MacRae - 15 years ago

    In bed, on my mobile. So sad. Sometimes my inbox makes we leap out of bed. Sometimes it makes me want to hide under the duvet forever.

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