• Jen - 10 years ago

    Bones should win this category.
    I love Bones, but season 6 was just awful. I skipped episodes and almost quit watching altogether. They lost a lot of fans with the Hannah arc and I think the only reason they survived is because they were moved to 9 PM after American Idol. I'm confused by fans who say they love the B&B chemistry and still loved season 6. I saw no chemistry for most of the season and even at the end it was lacking what it used to be. I like where the storyline seems to be going for season 7, but I remain skeptical if it can stay popular with a shortened season and the recent news from HH that B&B may not be the happy couple the shippers had hoped for. (THR, 7/13/11)

  • Carlie - 10 years ago

    Glee sucked; worst ending ever!!!
    Bones = Best show on the planet (FTW!!!!!!!!!)

  • Alex' - 10 years ago

    Why is bones on here ? This season was AMAZING ! I loved it. And Glee ? Ok, the first was better but the second one was good too :D I voted for Grey's Anatomy. I love GA but this season was horrrible. I hated, so annoying ! I don't watch the others shows.

  • Mandy - 10 years ago

    WHAT!?!?! Why is bones on here? I love bones! ♥ Best show ever! The chemistry between bones and booth is just amazing..I don't know what I would do if there are no more bones episode.

  • Jenna - 10 years ago

    WHY IS GLEE ON HERE!!!!! These categories SUCK! Glee was freakin' amazing!

  • shara - 10 years ago

    i love bones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bones is the best and glee sucked this season go bones all the way!!!!!!!

  • Josie - 10 years ago

    i love glee to death, but this season was horrific.
    finn was a douche bag and broke quinn's heart yet again.
    rachel was just plain ANNOYING. i couldn't even take her this season!
    and then quinn's story line with lucy caboosey?! are you SHITTING me?
    how could a skinny little blonde girl go to that i mean i guess i could see her gaining the weight but her vision? and her hair must've been died? i mean wtf that storyline was forced.
    i am a gleek and i voted for glee for most disappointing season. and i'm not sorry.

  • Dana - 10 years ago

    i love bones. it will never disappoint me. EVER. as long as bones and booth stay the same. SEASON 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keyg - 10 years ago

    Glee was amazing this season! I mean there were a couple of times when the writing got a little sloppy...but for the most part it was amazing! Some other shows were WAY more disappointing then Glee!

  • Fefesprstr - 10 years ago

    Wat the heck is Fringe doing here! ... Must be a typo.. Fringe should never belong in the Most Disappointing Season Category..... It's the best friggen show ever! Each season gets better nd better... :D

  • Abby - 10 years ago

    Pardon my language but WHY THE HELL IS GLEE HERE?!?!?!?!? and greys anatomy?!?!?!?!?! They were both frikken awesome seasons!!!

  • evouni - 10 years ago

    Why is fringe in this category ?

  • Jess - 10 years ago

    How can you say Glees rubbish it's AMAZING
    No way should glee be on here x

  • ??? - 10 years ago

    What is Fringe doing here? O______O

  • Michele - 10 years ago

    Glee was horrible. Finn and Rachel breaking up was the worst thing ever... and then Finn and Quinn 2.0? made me turn off my TV. the writers were lazy, recycling the first season in a horrible way. Hope season three is better. If Finn and Rachel break up again and Quinn is meddling with them, I am turning off my TV... again....

  • MrAsherEthan - 10 years ago

    I think House this season was terribly disappointing. The whole Huddy thing got so boring...
    I can kind of understand why Glee is on this poll. Honestly, they could have done much better with the second season. However, I still don't think the second season of Glee can be compared to the disappoint of House.

  • lolwhat - 10 years ago

    glee sucked this season. there was zero continuity and pretty much all the characters regressed instead of learning from their mistakes in S1. i think i literally only like 4 episodes in S2 and despised the rest. lol. definitely the most disappointing season, i have no clue what you guys are talking about.

  • blah - 10 years ago

    Glee was okay this season, I just kinda hate the ending, Quinn's NYC plan was getting her hair cut? wtf. And the finchel ( or whatever its called) ending just pissed me off. Only good thing this season was brittana,Rachel Berry drunk and the epic Faberry duet.

  • Kate - 10 years ago

    I hate Glee

  • Courtney - 10 years ago

    I was disappointed in House this season.
    I have to agree with the rest, Glee was amazing this season!

  • Nessa - 10 years ago

    Who put Glee on here, that last season was AMAZING! If anything it should be on favorite something. Glee dosen't belong here!

  • Katie - 10 years ago

    Glee was amazing this season. Sure, I personally liked the first better, but this season had so much stuff going on.
    It was amazing.

  • iskender yüksel - 10 years ago

    i dont understand this '' What is ''GLEE''' doing here? because glee was excellent! it was better than first season! ''

  • Cierra - 10 years ago

    I LOVED Glee this season! It shouldn´t be here. It wasn´t dissapointing at all... well besides Night of Neglect, but thats ONE episode! The rest was amazingness!!

  • allybaby18 - 10 years ago

    Why is glee here?!!! Glee was amazing this season!

  • ghassen - 10 years ago

    LOL crystyna ! if you say Fringe is the greatest show ever why you chose it for the Most disappointing season ?? I love FRINGE and this season was the best one yet!

  • crystyna - 10 years ago

    FRINGE !!!!! FRINGE!!!! FRINGE!!!!! The greatest show ever!!!!!! I hope they'll win all ...

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