Do you believe Casey Anthony is guilty of murder?

Posted 7 years.


  • dw - 7 years ago

    I believe that Casey was molested by her father; i believe that Caylee drowned as she said, and although this may raise some eyebrows and has never been publicly stated i believe that it is very possible she and her father may have been engaged in the home and that would explain Caylee wandering off to the pool unattended where she then drowned. Of course neither Casey or her father would want to make this public....

  • D - 7 years ago

    I am a mother of 4. There is not one day of my childrens lives that I am not in contact with them and know exactly where they are. If one of my children were "missing" it wouldnt take me one second to report it, much less as long as it did this psycho. Whether she killed that baby intentional or unintnetional she knows exactly what happened to her. But I am a strong believe in what comes around goes around and God will take care of all this injustice in his own time.

  • d - 7 years ago


  • sean - 7 years ago

    The jurors clearly didn't do their job.. They just wanted to get out of there for the holiday.They keep saying their wasn't enough evidence to convict, but they didn't even take the time to look at any of the 300 + pieces of evidence before coming to a conclusion. And I'd LOVE to know the thought process behind the jurors statement that "NOT GUILTY, DOES NOT MEAN INNOCENT".....Cuz to me that's exactly what 'not guilty' means...Innocent!! Guess common sense isn't so common anymore.

  • dolores lawson - 7 years ago

    Casey is guilty!!!!! She is a lier and a sociopath. She caused discord to her family, lied and stole from family and friends, she charmed the pants off of Biaz and his crew.The blame was put on George, Roy Klonk etc. George may have lied about the affair but so did the President of theUnited States!!!! This family was tormented, they loved their daughter too much and losing their grandaughter was unbearable.If it wasn't for Roy Klonk Caylee's body may have never been found!!! The evidence and circumstantial evidence lead to Casey.What goes around comes around,

  • elw701 - 7 years ago

    Ca is without a doubt guilty! Anyone who followed the case from start to finish and has common sense can put it together. Like George said on the stand 1+1 =2.

  • LS - 7 years ago

    I'm not sure many of you know what reasonable doubt is. It isn't without any dout. There is always doubt with any big decision. You can look up reasonable and its form in Webster's.
    If you listened to Baez's opening about the drowning,he said, Caylee drown... we don't know exactly when, then he changed it to afternoon, then he finally decided on early morning. Reasonableness would say if I found my child drowned, I would know the time of day she drowned.
    He was making up stories to confuse the evidence. Please don't forget they blamed Jesse Grund early on for drowning Caylee in the pool...anyone to keep Casey from taking any blame.
    I hope when Casey makes more money from Caylee's death, some of her other victims (Zanida etc.) are there to take it.

  • klc, - 7 years ago

    not enough evidence? regardless of WHO looked up chloroform on their home computer, if it was in caylees system, then its obvious that SOMEONE in that household was responsible. point blank. i understand that they didnt have enough evidence, its still ridiculous.

  • Mary - 7 years ago

    If this case didn't product a conviction, we might as well throw out all circumstantial evidence trials. The woman didn't report her child missing for a month; she lied to her parents and police, making up a fictitious "nanny" the child was with and thus being responsible for slowing search efforts. She had researched "chloroform" on the conputer, and chloroform was detected in the trunk of her car later, as well as a distinct human death smell. She partied while her child was missing, etc., etc., etc. The decomposed body was finally found with bags, tape, blankets, from their home. There wasn't a shred of evidence to implicate her parents, except horrible insuations by her lawyer against her father, which weren't backed up by a shred of evidence or even testimony. What is wrong with us and our system? I'm not sure the U.S. polulace has the sense any more to serve as jurors. This is a sad, sad time for our national justice system. Changes need to be made.

  • Johnny Cumlately - 7 years ago

    Casey has received her punishment. He was sentenced to the maximum of 1 year for each misdomeaner count. It sounds like the judge was not pleased with her actions toward the police.

    It is funny how we as a society still have that "lynch mob" mentality. Stop the hate people. Hating on Casey will not help you at all, it only makes you bitter. Killing Casey or tearing her down with your words will not help you nor make you feel better.

    It is a sad sad world we live in.

  • John B. Patterson - 7 years ago

    I once served as a murder case juror. We judged the man not guilty as he was indicted. The prosecution did not prove their case. We could not convict the man guilty as charged. We were not saying the man was innocent, but that he was not guilty as charged. It is an awesome experience to be on such a jury. We had people of all walks of life. We deliberated for 2 1/2 days before reaching our decision. The prosecution in the Anthony case had 2 many holes in their case. The jurors could not do anything but render a not guilty verdict. I admit that I thought that she was mguilty of aggravated child abuse, but that depends to some degree in what is Florida's definition of such a charge. Caylee's mother and the grandparents will have to stand before the Final Judge one day and there will be no escape from their just punishment. Unless they repent of their sins they will spend the rest of their eternity in the smoking section of punishment. Jesus tell us that we are to be especially careful of our behavior around children or we will have a millstone around our necks for all eternity in the lake of fire.

  • ENO - 7 years ago

    If you did not see Casey actually murder her child Kaylee, you cannot say that she actually did it. The prosecutor did not show evidence that she did it and the jury went directly according to the law in their judgment. Being Vendictive only hurts yourself. Pray that the true answer will come out. It may surprise you.

  • Anne - 7 years ago

    to comment to Max, if they had come in with a guilty verdict, they would have had to stay sequestered for 2 more days for sentencing. Only non guilty allowed them to go directly home.

  • Anne - 7 years ago

    I am sick at our judicial system, this was the worst verdict and if she hadn't lied to begin with and impeded the investigation, that poor little Caylees body might of been found while it still had some determination of cause of death or DNA on it. Her lies kept everyone looking for a live child. The jurors were the worst!!! SHE GOT AWAY WITH MURDER AND COULD DO IT AGAIN AND CAN CAPITALIZE OFF IT!!! Prosecution did a excellent job and the defense was a joke and to openly party after. I do hope all the injustly accused, like Krupe, etc all file deflammation of character against Casey. I am a Mother, with a Grand daughter and the thought of my daughter killing my granddaughter, I would want her in jail.

  • jlbc - 7 years ago

    The jury could have used a little common sense. This girl was ready for anybody and any one to pay for murdering her baby except her. I believe it was obvious who murdered Caylee, but Casey was sly enough and evil enough to hide her in the woods, hoping there would not be enough left of her little body to prove a cause of death. The cause of death was Casey Anthony and I believe her attorneys know that, also. This is disgusting! Lucky for Casey that I wasn't on the jury. Remember all the lies and Casey's "Beautiful Life". I'll bet it won't be so beautiful now even though she is "not guilty". What a joke! I suppose she will spend the rest of her life looking for the "real killer".

  • Jaki - 7 years ago

    Ed, problem is --we trusted those jurors, and feel let down by their hurry to get out of there.

  • Mouse2009 - 7 years ago

    How could you sit in the courtroom, listen to what you did, and let her off? wow. To be out partying, slutting around, doing what your doing, when your daughter is MISSING, you dont deserve to be alive. Unbelieveable. She left her daughter's body to rot, and be eaten by animals. Casey is an ugly, ugly person, inside and out, hope you pay for what you did...that sweet little innocent girl never deserved a horrible Mom like you.

  • MaxSvcs - 7 years ago

    I also want to understand how a "Not Guilty" verdict gets juror's out of the courtroom faster than a "Guilty" verdict..... Seems to me that a verdict either way produces the same result when wanting to go home is the goal.

    Someone please explain this concept to me.

  • Ed - 7 years ago

    Only the jury, who heard the evidence, has the right to judge. The rest of you rubes ought to shut your mouths and instead learn how our system works.

  • MaxSvcs - 7 years ago

    For those who think she should have been found guilty, it depends on what she is guilty of. Each charge has specific criteria that has to be met before you can be found guilty of that charge. In this case, the prosecution was shooting for very serious offenses and they were unable to prove that this case met the criteria for each / any of the charges.

    Had she been charged with negligent homicide, child endangerment, involuntary manslaughter, or a myriad of other charges, she very likely would have been found guilty. You can't just rule guilty because the charge "sounds close" to what you believe happened. This is where the majority of guilty people end up getting off free; the prosecution is overconfident and charges the individual with offenses that do not qualify based on the evidence.

  • Janet - 7 years ago

    Who was responsible for the well being of that little girl? She is dead!!!!!!!! Who is protecting the children?

  • JILL - 7 years ago

    I am very disappointed in this verdict! I hope the jurors can sleep good tonight! This makes me sick!

  • Bobby - 7 years ago

    The jurists will go home tonight and be asked by their spouses, family, and friends - WTF were you thinking? Did you fall asleep during the trial?

    Just like in the OJ trial the jurists will eventually figure out they screwed up but it will be too late for Caylee Anthony to get justice.

  • Ann - 7 years ago

    The state did not prove she murdered her daughter. Simple at that. Is she guilty? No doubt she is but it was an impossible task for the prosecution.

  • Jaki - 7 years ago

    Hans, before you accuse someone of crooked, perhaps you should take responsibility for your own doings---perhaps something should enlighten you to pay attention to detail and your own common sense as to read the question before you just mark an answer? This is what I believe this trial was exactly all about--- not taking responsibility for your own doings, by blaming someone else.

  • lin - 7 years ago

    I think Casey is covering for someone in that family.The jury did the job they were instructed to do.

  • dane - 7 years ago

    don't remember last time I had smell of dead body and chloraform in my trunk, and dissapear and lie about where you are to parents, I mean come on I heard evidence of the trial; she's guilty, jurors wanted out, thus not speaking to media for "now".

  • Opal - 7 years ago

    Based on the evidence the jury was given and our judicial system's rules, the jury had no other option than to vote Not Guilty.

    Commentators on HLN are unbelievably emotional and biased in their reporting.

  • Dane - 7 years ago

    When is the last time ya searched , Chloraform, or Chlorafill on your computer just out of the blue? Then get a tatoo on you while your small daughter is missing? Smell of a body in the rear of your car, duck tape used in wrapping her up in the house? 2 + 2= about 10 in this gig. I think jury just flat got tired of being there and found quikest way to get out of there, thats why they didn't want to talk to any media, just get home.

  • JT - 7 years ago

    What kind of mother would allow their daughter to be missing for that long without reporting them missing or being worried sick about the well being of their child. I will tell you who, a cold blooded murderer who knew exactly what happened. Who also makes up all these fabricated stories, again a cold blooded murderer. I cannot believe there are people who think she is innocent after the evidence that was produced. Casey Anthony remember this you maybe able to run from the punishment of man but you will not be able to run from the punishment on judgement day. God knows how all this went down. I hope for our sake you get right with him.

  • jeanelli - 7 years ago

    Just because she wasn't convicted doesn't mean she's not guilty.It was lack of evidence that caused the jury to bring back the N.G verdict. Her day will come at the hand of the Almighty.

  • Imnotbflat - 7 years ago

    They failed to show how the girl died..they could not prove murder..therefore under the charge on her..there was no proof..Anyone who thinks the jury could do anything else surely is relying on opinion..not legal fact..Would you want to be on trial with a jury that decided your case on opinion?..

  • claire - 7 years ago

    i wrote the blog above and i was trying to say the at the end the anthonys are a hole bunch of liers mostly George he will end up in divor, court with cindy i hope casey makes it in life i belive it was a acc, dent i also think george knew all about it . it was werird when george said he called the police because his gas can's were gone and some one broke in to his shed and then he said that casey keep taking his gas can and useing the gas in them why would he call the police if his daughter was the one who use to take them why would'ent he call his daughter and ask her if she took his gas can's again but no he calls the police and there was some he said about never using them again and that was a lie i really think george had some thing to do with it oh ya what about he never tryed to save casey in court but cindy did saying she did the looking in the computer for colroform george he lied and lied about the afare he had one he had more then one afare on cindy

  • KL - 7 years ago

    The prosecution did not prove without a reasonable doubt Casey did anything other than lie, so the jury had to find her not guilty (it is the law). Even though I believe Casey had something to do with it, even the autopsy did not prove how Caylee died so there is no way to pin murder on anyone without reasonable doubt. I am outraged as well a child is dead and no justice is being served.

  • Donna Brewton - 7 years ago

    The jury did what they were supposed to do; they did not have enough evidence from the prosecution to call her guilty without there being "reasonable doubt". When a crime cannot be proven, then the jury must acquit. They did what the law says they must do.

  • ken - 7 years ago

    This was a good verdict, fair, and just. First of all the Defense Ashton and his crew never presented evidence that was strong enough to actually link her to Caylee's death. Right or wrong 12 jurors made the decision of reasonable doubt "Not Guilty"

    As far as the media is concerned HLN is a joke and all of their bias comments throughout the trial and voiced their strong comments about "No doubt Guilty" just shows if you put people who are inept as your coverage on the century trial, just how wrong and unprofessional they were. If I were CNN I would fire the entire crew. Journalists are suppose to be unbias, present the facts, and let viewers come to their own conclusions. As I watch Jane is outside the place where the Defense is celebrating and saying how terrible a celebration is. She should be fired on the aIR. i WILL never WATCH HLN again. CNN where the professionals work should be aware how stupid their Breaking news sister station is a poor reflection on them. Seriously HLN personel are tabloid at best employees, Not a huge story like this coverage. Truly a Joke.

    Finally Judge Perry was certainly a proponent of the State. It would be interesting to tabulate how many objections went the way of the State versus the defense. Overwhelminly in favor of the State.

    Hope all those who were so confident of a guaranteed guilty verdict and voiced their unsolicited opinions can now eat a flock of CROWs!!!!

  • SANDRA ANDERSON - 7 years ago


  • claire - 7 years ago

    to begin with the jurors had to anser, one ques, from the att, about ever hearring any thing or watching or reading anything about the casey anthony and caley anthony case and i would say out of how many there was12 plus 5 pretty much lied to the lawyers to mean to tell me they never herd about that case or watch maybe the nancy grace show i believe that they all knew about that case but they wanted to be on the jury i also don,t believe a singal word that come out of any of there mouths mostey george and i think that the jury got it right

  • janet - 7 years ago

    yes Hans, i agree with you, the article asked if we agreed with the verdict, but the poll asked if she was guilty......this is why justice works, jurors are smart enough to know when the officials switch the wording or evidence to make it work to their advantage...reasonable doubt in this poll too ...LOL

  • jessica - 7 years ago

    I think that they found the only people in the U.S that believe that she's not guilty. Everyone knows, she did it especially her and i dont know how you live with that. i think she should have gotten the death penalty. she killed her baby and as a young mom, i will never understand how you could do it, and i dont understand how you could do it and live with it. im disgusted and out raged.

  • pat - 7 years ago

    this is what happens when you go fishing for a jury and have to settle for drunks, low-lifes and street people from another county to get 17 jurors. Today there is no justice for Caylee. Casey may have gotten off, but she is forever stained with the taint of her daughter's blood. No man in his right mind would want her. Her parents sure as hell will not welcome her. Her friends should run like hell from her. What kind of life will she have now?

  • hans - 7 years ago

    The prosecution could not prove their case. Enough said. BTW Your "voting" politics is crooked. Your article's title is "Poll: Do you agree with the Casey Anthony trial verdict?" and your voting question is "Do you believe Casey Anthony is guilty of murder?" For the "masses" who believe, "You guilty, no matter what is proven", will not read the voting question and automatically vote yes. Shame on you.....

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