Which DC Comics character can save DC's non-Batman movies?

  • Bowen Hardcase - 9 years ago

    Personally, I'd like to see Captain Marvel done as a period piece, set in the 30's or 50's, with a visual style similar to The Rocketeer. Speaking of... that could use a reboot too. Was The Rocketeer DC?

    Wildcat could be interesting done Nolan-style.
    A Green Arrow origin story done Iron Man style would work too.

    Superboy, Supergirl, Robin/Nightwing, Batgirl all have potential as well.

    Here are some other movies based on DC properties people often overlook... (some for good reason)
    2002 Road to Perdition
    2003 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    2005 A History of Violence
    2005 Constantine
    2005 V for Vendetta
    2007 Stardust
    2008 The Spirit
    2010 The Losers
    2010 Red

  • kwil786 - 9 years ago

    I went with none of the above. The spandex heroes are slowly dying off...I said slowly...characters like Jonah Hex, Y the Last Man, even many of Gaimans characters have a better chance of pulling DC through the coming hard times. Marvel can take a lesson from the on coming loss of interest that is lurking around the corner as well.
    We've seen Spiderman pull through 3 films and the interest for such characters on the silver screen as well as through the graphic novels is a steady ebb and flow...but it's steady...not growing...The Fantastic Four fizzled out after two films...too bad there was potential there. The Hulk generated a little interest...The Batman franchise, as long as Bale remains in the title role, might have a chance of surviving. The last Superman film...was...well...uh...hmmm...nevermind.
    Anyone having seen the Fan made "Worlds Finest" might agree that a team up especially with the two actors from that fan flick, has a better chance of generating more interest and income that another solo film from either character or any other spandex wonder from comicdom. And please...no Aquaman or Hawkman or Atom films any time soon...seriously...no!
    OMAC if done correctly, has a better chance of generating a serious crowd of comic aficionados...if done correctly!!!..And for the books...there was only one Wonder Woman!!...so Adrianne lets see whatcha got!

  • Kristy - 9 years ago

    Wonder Woman would be awesome. Or Huntress. Or Aquaman. I'd also love to see a Birds of Prey movie. It would be pretty easy to spin it off of the existing Batman movies. If they ever make a Secret Six movie, my life will be complete.

  • Adam - 9 years ago

    I would love to see something done with Starman. I've just read the first hardcover omnibus but I am digging that character a lot.

  • Ed Hall - 9 years ago

    What looks today like the least likely route to success (thanks to hot mess a la Halle Berry) is the one I'd put my money on: Spinning Anne Hathaway off into her own franchise based on pretty much anything from the Ed Brubaker run on /Catwoman/. Yeah, I know 'Catwoman' is tantamount to 'box-office poison' /now/ ... but wait till next summer.

  • john - 9 years ago

    Ive heard Constantine is now a DC comic should do reboot of that keeping closer with the comic and get different actor

  • Coleman - 9 years ago

    DC should really start digging into Vertigo. Just think of a proper, big budget Sandman. Or dare I say, Preacher even?

  • Jace - 9 years ago

    I went with Green Arrow, mainly in terms of exposure. Regardless of what you think of Smallville in terms of quality, it did do a fantastic job of exposing Green Arrow to a wider audience. In terms of personality, Oliver Queen is one of the more Tony Stark-esque members of the DC universe, and lets face it: Iron Man was more about Tony Stark than it was about the superhero. The strength of character of the man behind the mask was part of what made it work. Also, Green Arrow doesn't have powers - in terms of gritty realism, he's much easier to work with than someone like Flash or Aquaman.

    Personally, I'd love to see Hawkman get a Batman Begins style movie... maybe without the wings, though.

  • ... - 9 years ago

    "Tomb Raider got a badass restart..." Tell me you're referring to the videogames and not the dismally horrible films. Please?

  • Gwen Mars - 9 years ago

    A wonder woman or other female superhero wearing crime fighting attire that actually makes sense. None of this strapless stripper-heal crap. You can't fight crime in that shit. It's because of the crappy attire that the new Wonder Woman movie will fail. It just doesn't make sense; I can accept super powers for the sake of the plot but I can't accept heals she can't run in and clothes that won't support her boobs.

    Part of the reason Batman Begins was so successful was because it was so raw. Tomb Raider also got a badass restart. Wonder Woman needs an outfit that makes sense.

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