Who's to blame if there is no deal on raising the debt ceiling?

  • Dave - 9 years ago

    Is the left really that stupid that they still blame Bush for Obamas mess? Talk about ignorence. Is was the control of the left that put us in doom the last 2 1/2 years of Bush's term. Your buddy Barney Frank said the banking system was sound 2 to 3 months before the collaspe even though John McCain warned two years before that that there was problems coming and needed to be addressed. Get your facts straight on the left. You never could get it right. No go pick up you goverment check so real people can maybe fix this mess bamma did. Oh, that's right, you really don't want this fixed or you don't get a check. Right?

  • mailinda - 9 years ago

    Boehner (House speaker) is really making a career for himself - NOT!

  • JR - 9 years ago

    You liberals need to wake up and educate yourself. Before long this country will be so far in debt that there will not be any money left to give for all of your "entitlements". Soon, that dollar bill won't be worth the ink and paper it was printed on. This administration is going to put this country down with all of it's spending. By 2014 there will be more debt from this president than from all presidents put together! The great "uniter" has become the great "divider". He doesn't know how to negotiate a deal with congress because he has no experience, other than in the classroom. If CNN and the rest of the media would have done their job 3 years ago, we would not be in this mess right now.....

  • kim - 9 years ago

    i agree with you Ruth. They are a bunch on idiots who needs to removed from congress. we are paying them to do nothing.

  • Ruth - 9 years ago

    Why dont the republicans talk about President Bush because they know it was him a republican that drove the country into an economic mess. It took 8 years for the GOP to ruin the country and now they want to come back and wipe america out from the map.

    Obama saved the country.

  • Naptown - 9 years ago

    Being that the White House is the only side that's compromised, 100% of the blame would have to fall on the Republican leaders in Congress.

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