Which Company Has the Best Heroes? (Poll Closed)


  • captain DC - 10 years ago

    the only reason marvel is ahead in the poll is because marvel has had the spotlight for too long DC is making a huge comeback and in the end will defeat marvel.

  • Shannon - 11 years ago

    Dc takes my vote. 2 reasons. Batman, and Green Lantern. It's somewhat irresponsible to list this poll with just what the mainstream public would know for characters. When was the last Aquaman ongoing series. Same for Captain Marvel. I read both DC and Marvel, but if push came to shove I would drop all Marvel titles. Honestly part of that is the price point. The other is the writers. Other than Bendis I don't really care for Marvels writing talent. Give me Morrison, Johns, & Snyder over Fraction, Aaron, and Hickman any day of the week.

  • simon - 11 years ago

    Marvel is better than DC .Bcoz DC comics is old fashioned but the Batman is great.

  • Joe - 11 years ago

    Both are great. But I love DC. When I read why people don't like Superman and other DC characters for reasons like they are unrealistic and can not relate to them. Those are the exact reasons why I like DC. I don't want to relate..... I love that Superman can split the earth in half lol and Flash can vibrate his molecules to melt ice or that Green Lantern can drop a spaceship on you. lol Seriously though, they are both great and my opinion is the exact opposite of someone else, that's what makes it great. But what does grab kids and I posted this earlier is that Marvel has great costumes and for a kid (I have a 5yr old), it is a no brainer. He loves Batman first, but then goes over to Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman and Thor quickly. At first glance the maninstream characters of DC are all in tights for the most part with some mask... but Marvel's mainstream characters are more eye appealing to a kid. As a company you recruit early and then it builds loyalty when they can read.

  • tom - 11 years ago

    I read both, but DC comes out on top for me. Currently I think the quality of the writing is greater with DC and I much prefer the characters. I should probably clarify that I can't stand Spider-man at all and Captain America never grabbed me when I was younger because I wasn't exactly drawn to a comic banging on about a country I didn't live in, (I know that's not the case now, but I was a kid then) so I don't really have any care for the comic now.

    For me characters like The Flash, Green Lantern and Batman and the support characters involved in their titles are the reason I kept reading mainstream comics. DC have also successfully written teenage heroes with titles like Teen Titans, where I've felt Marvel only ever got close with Runaways.

    It might not be included by IGN but if Vertigo were to be included in this argument it'd be a no brainer for me.

  • Nate - 11 years ago

    I have been reading comic books for years. When it comes to Marvel and DC, when I am doing reading a comic or a giant story arch, I am always much more satisfied with Marvel then I am with DC. I also tend to like their characters better. However, there are some honorable mentions for DC in this case. I am never disappointed when I read a Green Lantern or Batman arch.

  • farah - 11 years ago

    if there was a war between marvel and dc

    dc would win easy no doubt in my mind

    superman will take everyone except jean grey and thor and the hulk

    captain marvel takes thor
    wonder woman beats jean grey and
    everyone else can kick the crap out of hulk no matter how angry he gets

  • NattyG - 11 years ago

    I'm more of a DC fan, but I don't have anything against Marvel either. I don't think a best should be named. It should be left up to personal opinion.

  • Dylan - 11 years ago

    Personally I feel DC comics has some better characters than some of the ones they mentioned in the list above. Rorschach was good, (Night Owl seems like a Batman ripoff and Dr. Manhattan just is... come on he just won't die that's so boring.) The comedian, Jonah Hex (if your into that kind of thing) Also the should be listing more than just heroes, because they only make up half of the comics. Some one mentioned that Wonder Woman was left from the women's rights movement... while that is true, isn't Captain America just left from World War two to boost patriotism? I'm pretty sure he was, and Hulk... he went from the moon changing him, to a guy with anger issues, the thing with the moon was cheesy but now you sit there (especially in hulk movies) thinking to yourself "Dude chill out"

  • Vex - 11 years ago

    Do you guys also wish for a Marvel Vs. DC video game or am I just the only one?

  • maggotface - 11 years ago

    thats awsome how i can just keep refreshing the page and keep voting for the same side. GOOD JOB IGN KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK HAHAHHAHAH!!!

  • donovan - 11 years ago

    marvel is the best BUT dc is a close second

  • Vex - 11 years ago

    Sorry, I had to make that joke (L.O.L)! But all jokes aside I grew up with both DC and Marvel. Both companies gave me characters I knew and loved as a kid and still do today. However, my vote goes to Marvel because I can take their characters more seriously and I can find them easier to relate to. I also find the stories of the Marvel universe more interesting than the DC universe and I love the way characters (even the villans) grow, change and evolve as people over time. Take Spiderman for example. At first he was just a wimpy , nerdy teenage kid with nothing going for him whatsoever. Now (aside from being bitten by a radioactive spider and being the amazing superhero he is today) he is one of the most important and influential people in his universe next Captain America. For heroes, villans, ciitzens, everyone both in reality and in his own universe. The Marvel universe also brought up the difficulties of being a superhero more than the DC universe did (besides in real life being a super hero would be next to impossible). But you know what this all boils down to?... It all boils down to which universe kicked more ass (think about this for a second here). In the early 1990's my generation (as kids growing up) we didn't care about storline or character development. All we cared about was our favourite superheroes doing what they do best. Beating the crap out of our favourite villans and thugs :)! all we wanted to see was Wolverine slashing people to ribbons or Cyclops blasting magneto and his thugs with his optic lasers. Superman battling it out with Bizzaro Superman or Batman beating the teeth out of the Joker (no pun intended)! But all in all, I think Marvel did more ass kicking in addition creating deep characters that we can all relate to. However, this my opinion and it'll be interesting to see what other people think.

  • mONDO001 - 11 years ago

    yeah marvels gets my vote for characters. They have everyday problems and fuck up sometimes (ironmans drinking problem lol) it shows there human and you can relate to them better. whereas superman is this perfect hero who can do no wrong. hes not even from earth and hes its greatest defender, and when batman takes of his cape he goes back in his milliondollar batmobile to his billiondollar mansion, dunno if he wud still be fighting crime if he was on peter parkers wages lol.

  • Vex - 11 years ago


  • JAZZMAN - 11 years ago

    I like Marvel and DC but i like DC more(well i just dont know they're both awsome) .What i like bout Marvel is that they add charaters into event that happened in reality.Like Captain America fighting the Red Skull in WWII. It made it so interesting to learn some things that relates to what happened. What I like bout DC is that they they take events from reality and change it up to make more like an adventure.For example, In Justice League Unlimited, Hawkman and Hawkgirl were sayed to the Reincarnation of the the 2 gods that ruled Egypt; and it was worth to investigate, and DC does have good stories(especally Justice League). My favorite
    heroes (Thor, Black Panther, Wolverine, and Gambit)
    villains (Venom, Enchantress, Magneto, Galactus, and Apocolypse)

    heroes (Superman, Batman, Static, GL-John Stuart, Flash, and
    Wonder Woman)
    villains (Lex Luther, Joker, Sinestro, Shriek, Bizzaro, and Ultraman)

  • Mitch - 11 years ago

    I have to give this to marvel DC took all their heroes and put them into the justice league marvel has a lot of different heroes and stories while hulk and spider man are kind of stupid people like wolverine and captian america and daredevil are amazing plus there is marvel ultimate alliance the video game how many dc games have there been

  • MacTee - 11 years ago

    I voted Marvel all the way. DC may have invented the superhero but Marvel made them better. DC's heroes were iconic, bigger than life with no faults but Marvel came along and gave superheroes flaws, personalities and made them interesting again. Marvel gave us the original anti-hero, Prince Namor and our first tragic hero Dr. Banner/Hulk whereas in DC it seemed anyone with a new power and a shiny suit could join the superhero clubhouse, JLA and get along and play nice.....booorrrrriiiinnnng. Not only did Marvel superheroes battle supervillains and evil, they also fought each other and that was wayyyyy more interesting. As far as villains, Marvel wins that category too. Dr. Doom trumps any villain in the entire DC universe, George Lucas modelled Darth Vader off the guy for chrissakes. Then there's Magneto and Galactus..........we're talkin' GALACTUS, the big 'G' and Spidey has the best rogue's gallery bar none. Batman has DC's best rogue's gallery but who do you think Killer Croc was based upon? The Lizard, that's who..........that's right, I said it! Just joking!! Make Mine Marvel!! All the way!

  • JD - 11 years ago

    Marvel without a doubt has the better heroes. DC has several good heroes, but many of them like Superman are just too good and unrealistic. I like heroes like Spider-Man, who is a nerd that I can relate to.

  • Funch - 11 years ago

    Honestly I went with Marvel.

    I find their characters to be...more super, more fantastic. They are also much more human, and way more relatable than most of DC's characters.

    Also the good Doctor Doom is still my favorite villain of all time. Joker is awesome, but he is a complete psychopath. Doom has a purpose in mind, he wants to conquer the world, and when somebody badder than him comes along to wipe everyone out he stands up for good. Not to mention he wore the love of his life's skin as armor. . .

  • Kent Williams - 11 years ago

    IMO- DC may have started the superheroes, but Marvel/Stan Lee made them what they are today.

  • AGx-07_162 - 11 years ago

    Marvel, in my opinion. Marvel Super Heroes simply seem to have deeper, more relatable stories. There are exceptions to this, like Batman for example, but for the most part, DC's heroes seem to be strong just because they were born that way or have acquired powers through means one cant perceive to be real (like Green Lantern, nothing about him seemed to be more "just and noble" than other people in that universe IMO).

    Marvel on the other hand, a lot of their heroes are just normal people who stepped up (e.g. Iron Man), who feel more human and who one can relate to (e.g. Daredevil, Captain America) or who aren't just super powered to the point where a bullet couldn't kill them (e.g. Most of the marvel universe). Of course there are exceptions to this (like Thor) but in total, I think the scale tips toward Marvel....IMO

  • bolo - 11 years ago

    this poll is for best heroes.. not villains btw

  • Daniel - 11 years ago

    i like them both DC is better

  • George - 11 years ago

    DC and Marvel are both pretty good with their heroes. I love Batman in DC. But I also like Wolverine in Marvel. But in general Marvels Villans are all teh same as they are all Short tempered, arrogant , I do what i wanna do idiots. Whereas DC Villans are different from each other and more importantly masterminds. they also have a well built character background.
    I vote for DC.

  • Jon Krysiz - 11 years ago

    I love Marvel and DC both equally but Marvel wins Hero wise. Phionex and Hulk will beat the hell outta 90% of the DC heroes not to mention Silver Surfer, or Xavier mind effin everyone, Yeeeeeeeea Marvel Got'em. DC is a beast. but Marvel just spanks them!

  • snotty - 11 years ago

    marvel win because wolverine and deadpool have healing facters and are invincible they kick dc arse all time

  • Juan - 11 years ago

    @ Martin

    If not killing anyone is anyones thing if would be superman. They dont call him boyscout for nothing lol. I do love marvel but DC still gets my vote

  • Adrian - 11 years ago

    Let's talk in terms of characters and stories.

    DC set the original standard of comics in the Golden Age. Marvel has never, and will never have anyone as influential as Superman.

    In many cases Marvel ripped off DC...Iron Man from Batman? Black Cat from Catwoman?

    Even those characters that Marvel did create, they lack originality. Captain America, Deadpool, Nick Fury all have the same origin story.

    DC created the Golden Age, ushered in the Silver Age and invented the Modern Age.

    ...and the biggest argument of all: Captain Marvel is a DC Character. Boom!

  • rift - 11 years ago

    superman is just god mode for superheros.....Lame sauce Batman is awesome but i have always been a spidey fan and i really don't think a trillionaire (bruce wayne) would fight crime let alone at night haha

  • Ian - 11 years ago

    I love both Marvel and DC super heroes but i gotta go with Marvel on this one, The BlackPanther and IronFist are by far my favorite heroes.

  • CaptainofAllthingsAwesome - 11 years ago

    Aquaman tipped the scales and caused me to vote for Marvel. Go Marvel!!

  • Robn Bomb - 11 years ago

    Honestly its a 50/50 for me. I (unlike what seems to be the majority here) grew up with DC. Detective comics seemed to put out a perfect comic for whatever i was going through at that time since i was 8 and received my first Batman comic. Now that in mind I give Marvel all the credit in the world.. Iron Man and The Punisher (even tho he was better on Dark Horse) are my favorites from Marvel.. But when it comes down to it.. DC started it all.. i mean the 2 greatest superheroes were picked as Superman and Batman... and i hate Superman (who else cheered when Batman beat down Superman at the end of The Dark Knight Returns???) They both have their strong points and weak points. Really, I'm excited for the DC reboot. August 31 cant get here fast enough..

  • PWG - 11 years ago

    Both have great characters. Its is hard to pick. If I were to pick though I would choose DC because of how their characters are developed and how they work together.
    Ultimately, I hate how we see stories of like Spiderman and such who fights dozens of villains in NYC, but never fights Doom, or other major enemies of other heroes who also live in NYC. There is such a poor story layover in Marvels universe b/c so many of them live in NYC. Plus as times goes by Dum Dum Dugan, and Nick Furry's story make less and less sense.

    So based on Story, DC hands down.

  • andy - 11 years ago


    why would BATMAN of all heroes KILL anyone? Sure it's Hitler you're talking about, but Batman DOESN'T KILL. That's his thing.

    btw I'm pro-marvel; their heroes are much more interesting, although I have to agree with the guy who said DC's villains are supreme to Marvel's.

  • bolo - 11 years ago

    Marvel is going where the money is and thats with kids.. they dont care about what the real fans think as long as they make money. DC and Marvel are both GREAT

  • Ron - 11 years ago

    Batman is my favorite comic book character of all time. He has the coolest "gadgets", the BEST villians, and continues to have thought provoking stories. However, I am not a fan of the rest of DC. Aquaman, WW, and Supe are LAME. Marvel w/Daredevil, Cap, the Hulk, Iron Man, Spidey, FF, X-men, et al are just more interesting as a whole. Civil War, the last couple of years of Daredevil, and the FF storylines have been more interesting to me than some of the major DC storylines. Again, just my opinion.

  • HerrDerpington - 11 years ago

    I voted for DC. It's not in the name (DC Comics-- Detective Comics Comics), but what they deliver to the audience. I like Marvel's Cinematic Universe but DC has touched culture more often than Marvel. They gave us THE superhero (Superman), pop icons (Batman; Adam West and now Nolan's iconic movies), good cartoons (Bruce Timm's DC Animated Universe), the first company-wide event (Crisis on Infinite Earths), changed the medium (Frank Miller's Batman: Year One -- reinvented the modern graphic novel), etc.

    Plus, I think DC's recent run with Grant Morrison makes you read comics in a different way; he makes you think about what you're reading, a rare thing in comics; just like how he turned Batman from a costumed vigilante into an idea that faces the ultimate evil.

  • Vince - 11 years ago

    As a true comic fan I'm not gonna vote because I love both of them equally the same, do I favorite characters of course I do most of them being made by Alan Moore and they are (V, John Constantine/Hellblazer, Swamp Thing, Rorshach, Dr. Manhattan, and so on and so forth). I love how Marvel is able to scientifically able to prove there super-hero to existence. Weather they get bit by a radioactive spider or sign up for a super-soldier project or just born that way. I'm just gonna watch and see what the outcome is.

  • Noah R - 11 years ago

    I voted marvel. I grew up on Marvel and DC. But Marvel has had such an influence on me that cant be explained. Yes, they both have also influenced pop culture as well. Like with the movies, Marvel has made so many movies for a lot of their most popular heroes (Thor, Spider-Man, Hulk, etc.), while DC has only made most of their movies about their two most famous heroes (Superman and Batman) but have included Green Lantern into the mix of DC movies. With video games, especially, Marvel has made many, like the Marvel vs. Capcom series, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and other games based off of their heroes and movies. DC has had some good games (Batman Arkham Asylum and City, etc.), but have had some really bad games, like a certain crossover game (Mortal Kombat vs. Dc Universe, bleh) and another game based off of one of their most popular character (Superman 64) which sucked hardcore.

    These are the reasons why I pick Marvel and will continue to pick Marvel throughout this whole debate thing. Even though DC came first, Marvel has had such an impact on pop culture and life.

  • martin - 11 years ago

    one quesion why the fuck is marvel winning????????? a couple of years ago i would say marvel but ive grown up batman superman and wonder woman would kick spiderman wolverine and captin mericas arse why because there just plain awsome captin america punched hitler if it were batman he would of killed the fucker!!
    yours faithfully a dc fanboy

  • J Miley - 11 years ago

    @A.J. Moreno
    I have to say that I'm on the other side of the fence in terms of fandom, but I completely agree with your comment otherwise. It's nice to be able to politely disagree on a subject with someone.


  • Kelly P - 11 years ago

    Dammit I Love em Both!!! i grew up LOVING Superman.. maybe its the abs hehe. Ironman Rules the moves releah put him in the spotlight. They both rule!!! i have to admit I'm looking forward to "Man of Steel" going by the cast and director i think potentially that will be amazing!! i have to root the English actors, American and English actors together always make awesome movies. Majority of blockbuster R setup that way :P

  • Yo Bro - 11 years ago

    I voted for Marvel. I love Batman, but he's kinda dark for a "kid" like me. That's right. You expect all comic book readers to be either kids or adults? One or the other? Course not. I have to say, Marvel is much more childish, but hey, I'm a child. I like pranks. DC doesn't have enough kickassness compared to Marvel. Just my opinion. I like Spider-Man because, well, he's my age. Role Model? No. His life sucks worse than mine, so it makes me feel better.

    And somebody said that Green Lantern is an original character. Yeah, I agree, but he himself is not original. He literally has a ring that can create and do basically ANYTHING. You know what he does with this SUPER EPIC RING? He makes a FIST to punch people with. A fist! You get superpowers with the ability to create huge weapons, and you choose a fist? Sometimes a hammer even! Anybody agree with me that the green lantern is one of the least creative characters? No? Just me then.

  • Wrath - 11 years ago

    We all know that Wizard Magazine's bias for Marvel lives on @ IGN. I really feel Watchmen, & V for Vendetta should have been considered. DC made the comic book character. Marvel gave the comic book character personality. Marvel has played FAR more underhanded than DC ever has or will. DC is the little kid who let's the big kid beat him up. When DC killed Batman, Marvel put Obama on the cover of a Spiderman issue. Squadron Supreme, Moon Knight, Sentry, Gladiator, Nighthawk & Shroud were all originally blatant rip offs of the JLA, Superman & Batman. When Green Lantern was released Disney/Marvel handicapped it with negative propaganda when it was clearly as good as Xmen First Class or Thor. I feel DC has done excellent recently developing Green Lantern, Wonder Woman & Hawkman. Aquaman needs similar treatment. Marvel is all flash. They can promote better spin off character's true, but none of them can go the distance like a DC spin off character can. The only thing is Marvel has a stronger front line with Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Thor, Ironman, etc. DC has the six JLAers. The biggest difference is a character like Wally West. You don't know when Marvel is gonna turn 180 degrees but DC is predictable. DC had a silverage success with Hal Jordan recently, so they ditched Wally West for Barry Allen. Marvel wouldn't have made that mistake: they would have had the vision to stick with Wally and made him work. Then there's talent. I think DC's trailing income is catching up to it. I look back and see the likes of McGuinness, Sam Kieth, Mike McKine and Perez on Hulk, and for the Flash all I can think of is Scott Collins. AndyKubert did Ghost Rider before Batman. We remember Mark Bagley from Spiderman not JLA. Jim Lee did Xmen. Ivan Reis was epic on Green Lantern but where is he? DC can't create or draw talent. It's disappointing. DC needs a kick in the a55 and to start playing dirty. Why cant DC acquire someone like Alan Davies and put him on Flash? Maybe rip off Marvel a bit, because outside Superman and Batman, they're being left in the dust.

  • JT - 11 years ago

    Marvel all the way. DC stands for Detective Comics, a Batman title. And that's really all DC has going for them. Batman.
    I'm not going to say I RELATE to Marvel more, because I don't have powers either way, but they are definitely more fun to me. Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man...love'em

  • ashley - 11 years ago

    I'm on the Marvel side. The characters seem to speak to me more and I connect with the characters. Esp the X-Men's struggle for acceptance. I'm even happier my fav girls Storm and Phoenix were mentioned.

  • John - 11 years ago

    While Batman is in my top 3 for favorite superheroes, Marvel takes the cake. Their heroes are far more interesting (minus Hulk) and their powers are way cooler. Green Lantern is probably the most original of the DC characters imo, but come on... Iron Man, DareDevil, and Wolverine have far more original powers (or in Iron Man's case, reasons to have super powers), and you gotta admit, their costumes are badass in comparison to the best DC costume. Super Girl excuse for bringing in a new hero, Aquaman is the most situational hero ever (how often does the Justice League fight underwater and need him?), and Wonder Woman is really just the leftover remnants of the Women's rights movement. There are WAY better female super heroes than her and her lame ass lasso. Sure, Namor is about as lame as Aquaman (how did he even make the list over say, The Fantastic Four??), and Hulk is the epitome of a bad mainstream Marvel character, but those two do not compare to the poorly conceived superheroes of the DC world.

    I think the one thing DC does do REALLY well is villains. Marvel's villains do not even compare to DC Villains... But that's an argument for another day ;).

    Also, you know one side is stacked when the other has to introduce a sidekick into their list in order to fill it up. Sure, Robin is great, but he's nothing even remotely close to the vast number of great Marvel superheroes out there. Robin is like a dumbed down Daredevil.

  • Davey - 11 years ago

    Screw it....this should just be a Tie in votes. Because...they are both Amazing. but 51% for dc becauseof batman (plus batman has the best villains)

  • Davey - 11 years ago

    Well dont take the list they showed too much into consideration....they didnt show the best off of Dc. But I love both Comic companies equally....but....Ill be honest....Batman ranks over anything. So Dc will...Always win. Plus....Its kinda sad how much Marvel ripped off Dc....Slade Wilson/Wade Wilson...really? And theirs countless others like that....But Ill give marvel the one up for movies (except for darkknight and V for vendetta Those are amazin.) but They know how to do Comic movies....to make them fun...and thats what most of you are really voting on...

  • D-lite - 11 years ago

    MArvel characters were created before dc characters even though dc main streamed first and they both help each other become imfamous

  • MackJentza - 11 years ago

    Honestly, I'm not a fan of Marvel. Maybe because I grew up strictly on DC, maybe because I'm pissed that Iron man is a copy of Batman only 1/2 as cool, or maybe because the Hulk is the lamest character ever created. But I have to vote DC in all categories except movies, because for some reason they can't churn out good DC movies. GL was ok, not great, and the Batman movies, though amazing movies, are not amazing BATMAN movies. Just my opinions, of course. God Bless!

  • MLHenry - 11 years ago

    If you really think about it, most of the major storylines in DC revolve around the Justice League.
    Plus, Marvel as a whole has more interesting and complex characters.

  • Craig Browning - 11 years ago

    Had to vote for DC, Marvell is really for children these days it seems. what is spiderman but a wimp in tights with a bunch of one liners? It's kinda badd when your spinnoff characters could kick your ass any day. It's going to seem like im fanboying it for DC, and I am. But I will admit I do love me some Marvell aswell, even if they seem more centerd around childrens stuff.

  • domdom - 11 years ago

    I love both. But I grew up with Marvel heroes, Spiderman toys were the shit! It is a hard choice, I would choose both if I could.

  • A.J. Moreno - 11 years ago

    I just want to point out that i love Marvel. I'm a big fan Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man & especially Captain America. But if DC never existed, neither would Marvel.
    However, it was Marvel that made the heroes/villains evolved through the years.
    DC and Marvel are like yin and yang, their in a balance so that if it wasn't for the light, there would be no darkness to cast shadows.
    That's why ever since i was 8 years old, I was a huge fanatic of Superman; he was the beginning of Super Heroes!

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