Which musical number do you prefer? (Poll Closed)

  • "Baby It's Cold Outside"

  • "River Deep, Mountain High"

Posted 8 years.


  • Alex - 8 years ago

    It's annoying that the fact that BICO is winning is because it's Kurt and Blaine being flirty, NOT because of the actual performance or song. Yes it's a good song, but looking at all these comments, a lot of people are voting for it just because of Klaine. That's not really fair to RDMH, the energy in that is AMAZING, and the performance in general was just spectacular.

  • Boris - 8 years ago

    River Deep,Mountain High shows how great the skills of Naya and Amber have progressed through the course of the show-the result is a beautiful,really well sung cover that would make any artist proud. Btw-these two should keep making duets -their voices fit so perfectly together it's amazing ^^ ^^

  • christina - 8 years ago

    I loved RDMH but Baby its cold outside was so beautiful, they have so much chemistery. That song made me love blaine and kurt's relationship. In my opinion Baby its cold outside was the best song glee has ever covered. It was perfect.

  • Patrick - 8 years ago

    Of course, Mercedes and Santana get screw out of Breadstix, and now they get screwed out of this.

  • J - 8 years ago

    Baby It's Cold Outside forever.
    Haters gonna hate.

  • Paul - 8 years ago

    No question...Baby It's Cold Outside is the best song ever done on Glee. The chemistry between Chris and Darren is electric! All kids need to see that kind of joy!

  • Klaine - 8 years ago

    Really! If I could pick 2 best songs of Glee season2, I would undoubtedly favor these 2 songs. Aaargh... Frustrating

  • Savu - 8 years ago

    I love Chris and Darren's vocal chemistry. Both of the songs were immaculate vocally, but RDMH didn't have that extra punch.

  • L - 8 years ago

    Baby It's Cold Outside is the best duet that i ever heard !

  • lavasusan - 8 years ago

    River Deep, Mountain High was ht out of the ballpark perfectly by Mercedes and Santana. Mercedes was up to her usual standard of excellence, and this was the first song where Santana really shone.

  • kirain - 8 years ago

    "River Deep, Mountain High" is better. period

  • Sarah - 8 years ago

    This was the only tough one as I love them both, but had to give it to River Deep.

  • Kro - 8 years ago

    I would not be disappointed if River Deep, Mountain High won it all.

  • Britney - 8 years ago

    After the 42 flawless performances of River Deep, Mountain High on the Glee Live tour - basically the best performance of the whole set list - I can't believe it's losing to BICO. Just wrong.

  • david - 8 years ago

    the problem was with the seeding. these songs are too good too be matched up in the first round.

    you dont have song 20 going up against 26 for ex.

    it's divided into 4 regions of 16 it should be 1 vs 16, 4vs5 , 7 vs 10 8vs 9 etc like the NCAA tournament , a 64 team single elimination tourney that this is modeled on

  • kenny - 8 years ago

    I don't understand how River Deep isn't winning by a landslide.

  • Kelly - 8 years ago

    As wonderful as RDMH was (and I saw it on the Glee live tour, so I can't deny it's spectacular), I just love BICO so much. I love the flirty little Kurt/Blaine moments - it's what makes it for me.

  • Natasha - 8 years ago

    This shouldn't even be this close...and I defiantly can't believe river deep is losing! :(

  • shila valles - 8 years ago

    Chris's Colfer voice is just perfect for me

  • Taylor - 8 years ago

    This was definitely the toughest to choose. While River Deep, Mountain High is amazing, BICO is definitely one of my favorites. But now that I think about it... River Deep, Mountain High should win. Animal was a much better Chris/Darren duet.

  • Lisa - 8 years ago

    I agree Victoria. I love the chemistry between them in that song too.

  • Victoria - 8 years ago

    I'm still listening to BICO in July in 100+ degree weather. That's how much I love this duet. Chris and Darren's voices compliment each other so well. :)

  • Rachel - 8 years ago

    not saying that i don't love blaine and kurt but the river deep performance had so much more chemistry and energy

  • Mickey - 8 years ago

    I don't get it. River Deep has to win. Not saying nobody should like Baby It's Cold more, but I can't even see the comparison.

  • rachael - 8 years ago

    without a doubt river deep one the best vocal performances in all of glee so far its one of my fave songs Mercedes and Santana did Tina proud

  • Christiana - 8 years ago

    Man! These are both performances I've listened to over and over again! I love them both :D

  • Shane - 8 years ago

    Argh. These two songs. I can't believe I had to choose. They were both so perfect.

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