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Posted 8 years.


  • Liz - 8 years ago

    I love an Aluminum Unibody Iphone, too!

  • Fan of the glass - 8 years ago

    I have dropped my iPhone 4 twice on a sidewalk. Once it landed on one of its corners then on its back. It only caused one small "dent" in that corner. The second sidewalk drop involved the phone flying from my hands, bouncing at least 5 times, and sliding. The bouncing lasted long enough that the friend walking ahead of me had time to hear the sound and turn around before it slid by him. The result: a few more small dents. Overall, the phone works great and looks great. The damage is barely noticeable.
    Are there many stories of this phone actually breaking? Or are people just paranoid about the fact that its glass? I haven't read up on it but I would assume my last iPhone would be junk after those two drops along with the many other drops on more forgiving surfaces.

  • Grand Apple - 8 years ago

    Apple is making all of their products from 3 surfaces to 2. like the iPad and the iPod touch. If the iPhone is going to stay as a 3 surface device, then what's the point!?!?!

  • praveen m - 8 years ago

    I believe Apple is for who wants best :)

  • Rahul - 8 years ago

    I love the glass back on the iPhone 4 and would be sad to see it go. It looks and feels great, is more scratch-resistant than aluminum or plastic, and is easy to keep clean.

    Although I empathize with those who have dropped theirs, I find the benefits of the iPhone's glass back far outweigh its detriments in everyday use. Note that the back — unlike the front — is also easily replaceable.

    I don't see the glass back going anywhere until there is a material that is as scratch-resistant, cost effective, and recyclable.

  • Lou - 8 years ago

    Apple is overdue for Liquid Metal.

  • Paul Murray - 8 years ago

    I had the 3g and now have the 4. No issues at all with the glass back phone. The 3g was cracked before I ever dropped it. The only time I've dropped the 4, it pancaked on a tile floor and suffered no injury. Had it struck one of the corners I'm sure it would have sustained some sort of noticeable damage.
    I would not want to go back to a plastic back. iPhone 1 looked cool if it was new, but have you seen some of them now? Scratched to hell and back. And probably dented too.

  • Rodey Seijkens - 8 years ago

    The question should actually be like:
    Can you carefully handle your stuff.

    I can handle it and I think the glass back looks great,
    and so if the next next iPhone would have I glass back thats fine for me.

  • Nico - 8 years ago

    Plastic back sucked.. it cracks even if you don't drop it.. aluminum/metal? maybe not a good idea as it can be scratched and can have a dent. I don't see any problems with the glass back. You're not supposed to THROW your iPhone around anyway just like what "dan" said.

  • Hai - 8 years ago

    I love an Aluminum Unibody Iphone

  • Federico / - 8 years ago

    They should use the same material used for the original iPad cover: it can be easily cleaned and it's resistant. What else?

  • chris - 8 years ago

    liquidmetal all the way!

  • Max - 8 years ago

    How about some color backs!?

  • dan - 8 years ago

    I had every version of the iphone and the actual iphone4 is the only one that looks like new after one yoear of use. And to those who say that a glass back breaks too easily: none of the iphones ever liked its to be dropped on the floor (it's meant to make calls or wathever but not to throw it around:)

  • Matt - 8 years ago

    They should make the back like those water-acquarium toys that have beads in it. That would make the back really interesting. What water game did you like best?

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