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Total Votes: 11,299

  • NeoCon_1 - 11 years ago

    $5 says that the majority of those who voted for the two (wildly) minority positions did so with a sense of sarcasm.

    I gotta say, though, you cannot argue (civil argument) w/a Lefty. They refuse to acknowledge any point you make and constantly turn it around to find the one instance in a thousand that supports their view. It's as bad as trying to explain email to an 89 year old, but at least the octengenarian has an excuse.

  • OffendedMan - 11 years ago

    I'm tempted to say that option 2 should read "Cut off Washington's borrowing power AND MAYBE SOME OTHER THINGS."

    But that would be wrong.

  • Casey92 - 11 years ago

    GDP is C (consumption) + I (investment) + G (government spending) + (x [exports - imports]). If we increase taxes.... then either "C" or "I" goes down because the Government takes away money that belongs to someone that can't invest or spend it. What the government did was crank-up "G" (as a deficit) from 4% to 10% of the economy witch was a net increase of 6% of GDP, about $850 billion annually, this was temporary...... hoping it would kick-start the private economy. All it did was grow the government and the consumer is not spending, or taken on debt for a number of reasons, nor can he because nearly none of his debt has been paid down or defaulted and on balance he's far worse off employment-wise than he was in 2006. In this type of economic climate, because the consumer is taped-out... if we cut taxes or demand the government stops spending or a combination of both.... we will get a down turn in the economy and cause a deep recession. But to stay the coarse of the last 30 years of spending what we dont have and selling debt to finance it will bankrupet America and put us in a deep depression. Because America was spending money we dont have for the last 30 years........ The pain will come... The question is....Do you want a recession now or a depression later? The lies and scams must stop now. If what Europe is seeing comes here, and we don't get our head out the sand..... we will not be talking about the economy "tanking" - we will be talking about a collapse.

  • Michael L - 11 years ago

    Now there ya go, with your sneaky trickster polling questions. Here, let me rephrase it in a way that The One (Allah's Praise Be Unto Him) would find more palatable:

    "Do you think that The All Knowing and Infinitely Benevolent President and his Very, Very Smart Harvard Grad Pals should be allowed to give everyone everything they want, with just a teensy increase in debt (which nobody really understands anyway),
    OR would you rather the Evil Republicans pass a bill that probably requires puppies and orphans to be run over by garbage trucks?"
    There. Now even Smarmy Carney will like it.

  • Harry Schell - 11 years ago

    Screw the bastards. The savants in DC can't seem to act like adults, so it's them or us. Take the credit card away. They can live with the same financial limitations all of us have to do, and maybe a few more of the laws they have subjected us to and exempted themselves.

    If Obama really wants to fiddle with the NBA or NFL lockouts or promote spending programs (in preference to doing real work) or be invisible and with his kids, it's time he quit. That's what men do.

  • bigmike - 11 years ago

    Okay, so #1 is the jackass vote, that actually makes sense. That % is actually quite civil for the internet, one would think this was some conservative site, Oh , wait...

  • Brock O'Bahmah - 11 years ago

    I voted for #1.
    Just to be a jackass. Not as many of us as I thought there would be...

  • fredCPA - 11 years ago

    the question was worded kinda tricky, casue you left out create hyper-inflation, and ballooning interest rates, and destroy future generations standard of it was kinda sugary how you phrased it. thats why #1 i think for 2%

  • S - 11 years ago

    I was tempted to vote for number 1 out of jest... I think you can pretty much ignore the 3% - it is statistically insignificant.

  • Grumpy Curmudgeon - 11 years ago

    #1 has 56 votes? Must be all of the Anointed One's relatives living in Kenya or in public housing in the US.

  • Brian Banks - 11 years ago

    The fact that there is even one #1 vote, much less 43 is unbelievable.

  • Barack Obama - 11 years ago

    Gee whiz; I think I'll go with option one!

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