Tiger or Gorilla?
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  • Awesome person - 8 years ago

    Dumbest post I ever read. In this post, you make it sound like gorillas are harmless, giant plant-eaters. They are definitely giant, but they also eat little insect, and they are definitely not harmless. They can literally smack you back 10 feet with a swing of one hand. They can know out 10 of the strongest men in the world in seconds and break every single bone in their body. GORILLAS ARE NOT FUCKING HARMLESS! It will literally take your 6-inch knife and bend it with no sweat and make a boomerang out of it. Even if you can get lucky stabs at it in vital spots, you will be close enough to it that it will pick you and shatter every bone in your body with a hug with half of its strength. Granted, tigers are just as dangerous. They may not have the enormous strength of gorillas, but what they do have is speed, explosiveness, and ferocity, and their many years of experience on hunting bigger animals than a measly human. Let me put it this way for you: we can't even kill a chimpanzee, the smaller and extremely weaker version of the gorilla with a 6-inch knife, ok?
    If it was me, I would just take the 6-inch knife and kill myself on the spot, preventing any fucking chance of being mauled first before getting killed.

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