Kate's Hose (Poll Closed)

  • Kate looks so good in hose I may start wearing them!
    1,861 votes

  • Kate looks great, but there's no way I'm going to wear them.
    1,517 votes

  • Kate would be better off without them.
    381 votes

  • I never stopped wearing them, it's nice to see the style is back.
    1,426 votes


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  • Teri Wilson - 9 years ago

    Sheer hose are virtually non-existent in the US anymore. (Thank you for that, Anna Wintour and Vogue Magazine.) But, I agree, every woman's legs look better with hose. They may not be the most comfortable things, but I would like to see them come back and if any one can do it, it's Kate. The key is to get hose that match your skintone. Nothing looks worse than legs that are three times darker than the rest of your body.

  • Jeannette - 9 years ago

    I'd rather see a woman in pantyhose than the greasy leg makeup all the starlets wear on late night talk shows. They look like someone rubbed them down with bacon grease. Make it stop!

  • sherri - 9 years ago

    I too did not realize Kate was wearing hose until it was pointed out on the "Whatkatewore" blog. I was fasinated with those hose. I want some. Kate always looks so classy.

  • claire - 9 years ago

    They may look good on Kate but for me I left those pantyhose behind when I left the UK. I live in Southern California now and I rarely see anyone wearing them here. The weather is just so nice here there is really no need. I love tanned legs, a great pedicure and a beautiful pair of sandals. I'm 43 but I have good skin so I don't need pantyhose and I get regular pedicures to keep the toes pretty. I don't wear short skirts either. You can still look classy and forgo the pantyhose for the classy jimmy choo sandals as long as you wear the appropriate length dress/skirt. I think pantyhose are ideal for cold climates like the UK and the midwest. I was surprised to see kate wearing them in the middle of summer but then again Canada is cold and it's probably royal protocol anyways. I might wear them if I go somewhere cold but other than that it's a no.

  • Rachel - 9 years ago

    At 28, I've been on the stay-warm-in-the-winter bandwagon for years now. Nevertheless, regardless of how hot it is outside--if I have to walk so much as a city block in heels--I will wear hose! I skipped hose once and just barely hobbled back to my office. Given that it looks like Kate did a lot of walking during her trip, I'm pretty sure that wearing hose saved her feet a great deal of discomfort. Not to mention that bare, sweaty feet and designer shoes also don't seem to make a great combination...

  • Shantel - 9 years ago

    Oh JJ, I totally agree with you! I, too, live in freezing Minnesota!
    I'm 28 and I wear hose whenever I am wearing a cute skirt or dress to the office in the winter...ESPECIALLY this past winter (my goodness!).
    I'm 28, have chicken legs, and firmly believe in the power of hose!

  • felicia - 9 years ago

    I continued to wear hose for events/mmetings that were formal and required professionalism. She looks wonderfully lady-like, which is something that we need again as a culture. I also agree that hose make the legs of any woman of any age look better. Finally, I work almost exclusively with men, and it can be very distracting for a woman to have naked legs and shorter skirts - it just sends out a message that I want you to look at me and not listen to me. Go Kate!

  • Celia - 9 years ago

    let's not give up on pantyhose! They're the finishing touch to good grooming, and it's obvious why. However it could be more a question of the type of hose, etiquette and age. For example, I think Kate should wear a none shiny hose for day functions, and leave shiny for cocktail and evening. But we all know if you're wearing a long dress with glam open shoes, then foot makeup and pedicure are more the issue, not hose. At the Polo game, Kate wore an open shoe and no hose. And I've no-doubt she knows that this is acceptable at a day function, outside, on grass, but note her dress was not too short either. When you're young, with firm great legs, it's easier to work around these choices. But that said, being older doesn't mean no choice, we just have to be realistic about the condition of our legs, and choose wisely. And then of course as gravity sets in, it'll no longer be a grooming question, it will be more about cankles, ninkles and spider viens, but at least we'll have pantyhose to help with those too!

  • Jinny - 9 years ago

    Kate looks fabulous in hose, and I agree they're the 'right thing to do' for formal occcasions. There's pretty much no girl whose legs can't benefit from a little sheer coverage...I know mine do. I work in an office where women of a wide range of ages go bare legged in summer with dresses, skirts, etc., but I wouldn't be caught dead that way...I'm 48, don't have a tan, and DO have spider veins, especially at the ankles (not pretty). I didn't even realize the duchess was wearing hose until you pointed it out...They look natural and polished. Go Kate!

  • JJ - 9 years ago

    I completely agree with Sheri! First, I think many women never stopped wearing them (as your poll evidences). Second, the right kind of pantyhose ALWAYS make your legs look better, not to mention the ADDED benefit of control top that shapes and slims! Third, as an attorney, I wouldn't be caught DEAD with bare legs at the office. Fourth, I live in Minnesota, and it's COLD in the winter - but I still like to wear cute dresses and skirts when I go out! Pantyhose, even though they are sheer and thin, are still warmer than bare legs! (My best friend from LA thought I was crazy to wear them till she came to visit in January, then she jumped on the pantyhose bandwagon!) I would also like to mention I am only 29, and I have very nice legs, but no one looks like Barbie - except with PANTYHOSE! :)

  • Sheri - 9 years ago

    Hose, (sheer and of a shade that matches your natural skin tone, please) make virtually every woman's legs look better. It is also a more polished, put together look and why most professional offices that have dress codes still require them. There are also thigh-highs for those who have a problem with the 'panty' part of pantyhose. They say they are too restrictive. Perhaps they are not wearing the right size? This puzzles me as they will wear the body shapers, Spanx, etc. I agree with Camilla's post, black stockings in summer are not appropriate.

  • Camilla - 9 years ago

    As an Aussie (she's still my Kate too!), there's no place for black stockings in summer.

  • JB - 9 years ago

    It has always been the case that stockings, etc are to be worn 'on duty', ie in smart situations. Bare legs are for 'off duty'/holiday. That is not following fashion, it's tradional/the right thing whatever you want to call it. It compares to a business man in a suit not wearing socks on a formal occasion.

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