Should "Breakfast at Tiffany's" be pulled from public performances?

  • Kevin Wu - 10 years ago

    I'm an Australian of Chinese ancestry and I did not find that scene offensive. I'm adult enough to know that there were periods in our past where certain attitudes that pervaded are not acceptable in mainstream society today and that shouldn't be reason enough to censor everything in our past that even remotely fails to conform to current attitudes. While I would be offended if such a portrayal of Asians was the only one appearing on TV and movie screens today I do not retrospectively apply my standards to media from an earlier era. That'd be like dismissing all of the achievements of the Ancient Greeks simply because they upheld a system of slavery.

    Explain to your children that the scene reflects a perception that was held decades ago that in today's context is 'unfortunate' to say the least and that racism shouldn't be tolerated today (I'm looking at you Gary Paschall). If you launch a campaign against every movie made before 1980 you'll end up teaching them that even the slightest insult against your tribe deserves the swiftest and most extreme retribution. I am prepared to suffer occasional racism if it'll preserve free speech. Afterall, the ideal of the Western Ethos isn't to prevent anyone from ever being offended by anyone else (something the Islamic states that take offence to insensitive cartoons and hateful videos don't understand when they call on us to criminalise such things), it is to protect our freedom to be individuals as long as it does not impose unreasonable burdens or harm upon others.

  • Bill Kemp - 11 years ago

    I watched a crime show on TV the other night. The bad guy was a white, European-American male. I decided to be offended! I am a white, European-American male and I know many other white, European-American males and none of us are like this character depicted in the show.
    I think that until all white, European-American males are certified and documented bad guys this sort of depiction must stop......Give me a break.....By the way, I watched the whole show. I was offended of course, but I thought the show was pretty good.

  • Gary Paschall - 11 years ago

    Live with it, You cant change the way people think about each other, we dont need anymore new laws, we have to many now as it is, You just need tougher skin, if you dont like the way we think here in the U.S. get your slant eye'd ass back over sea's Half of my family has been in this country for over 500 yrs. and my American Indian half for over 30,000 yrs. Personally I'm sick and tired of our doors standing wide open on our border's, at some point we need to close them, right now as I speak the white population is shrinking in this country because everyone around the world want's to be here, we are loosing our right's every year because of assholes like you trying to change us to fit your need's. If you dont like this country get the hell out.

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