Do You Plan to Support Your Adult Children?
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  • Billie Jelks-Hood - 10 years ago

    I grew up doing the sixty, I marched with Dr. King and only was able to vote in 1965. I am shocked at the facts that my childrens have had so many jobs, over the last twenty years, and none of the jobs have not lead to a fair and steady employment for the future. Most of the jobs they have had have been sent over sea, or just totally eliminated . my son will turn forty on Aug 3rd and he has had so many jobs, and still lives at home at this moment. He is a now a long distant truck driver which is a horrible tiring nerve wracking job. He has lived in three or four different states, and always have to come back home ,have never been married. My 49 year old daughter lives in an nice apt that I paid the deposit on four years ago, her job was sent Mexico
    and she has not been able to find a job in the last three years. She is completing her degree and has management experience, how ever we know that the down economy has hurt Blacks
    more than any other nationality. We are retired, but had hope to find part time jobs or contract jobs to help our retirement go farther but, that has not happen and I think will not happen. No I do not plan to take care of my adult children, but with the way the economy has hurt all older people , and their children, there is no clear cut answer to the above question
    For the last month has been nothing for fighting in Congress, and they are not accomplishing
    any thing . This drama in Washington will hurt my children, and my husband and I even more. I cannot beleive that the Republican can become interested in the deficit, when my children cannot even find a job.

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