Which musical number do you prefer? (Poll Closed)

  • "Faithfully" (Season 1, "Journey")

  • "Unpretty"/"I Feel Pretty" (Season 2, "Born This Way")

Poll posted 8 years ago.

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  • Joan - 8 years ago

    Thank you Kris. Lea is a great, super duet partner. If there is problem than blame it on the music producer.

    When it goes well like unpretty then lets give the music producer some props too.
    The arrangement was great, Lea showed her lighter side, and Dianna had to step it up a lot.

    They picked a song that would work for Dianna and Lea of course could adjust. I think Dianna voice is no more than average and they have had a hard tome at finding something to fit her lack of range but also that work with the narrative.

    As far as runs and other vocal flair, those too are directed. Once thing glee does it layer those things to give their songs a difference. I think Lea's runs and such are less intrusive that Amber's usually. But when she is dueting they are used to enhance the arrangement sometimes becasue the partner is less skilled and can only sing the song straight with little embellishment.

  • Kris - 8 years ago

    I often read how Lea overpowers most of her duet partners. I just believe that it is not true at all. The vocal producers or techs or whatever control the volume, tone and the whole drift of how the whole song is gonna sound. It doesn't matter whether Lea screams her lungs out during recording, they should be able to tone it down. It's the arrangers, producers or techs fault, not Lea's. They should know when the voice is overpowering the other. I know how important it is in duets and I feel like it is unfair to Lea Michele to be blamed for always overpowering her duet partners. It is obvious during the Glee Live concert how Lea would adjust her mic's volume when someone else is taking lead. And besides, they are giving Lea the most powerful notes out there. It should be powerful. It just so happens, sadly, Cory, can't keep up.

    Anyways, UP/IFP, for me, wins this by landslide. As much as I love Faithfully, there is just something in Lea's and Dianna's voice that captivated me the first time I heard them. And, again, sadly, it just wasn't there with Cory. I don't hate Cory by any means. I love him as much as I love the rest of the cast. His voice just doesn't work for me in duets. I don't know if it has something to do with chemistry of their voices or whatever but UP/IFP is by far, for me, the best mash up the show has ever done. Dianna's voice, though tentative, brings something refreshing when combined with Lea's crystal clear voice. I think I just have to give credit to whoever arranged this song. Brava.

  • Sharon - 8 years ago

    I think that the fact that more voted for 'Unpretty/I Feel Pretty' has nothing to do with whether people like Finchel or Faberry. I myself am a committed Faberry shipper, but I voted for 'Unpretty/I Feel Pretty' because Dianna and Lea's voices compliment eachother more than Cory's and Lea's do. Lea has a tendency to overpower people with her voice, but Dianna competed with her and it didn't sound bad. Lea clearly overpowered Cory during 'Faithfully,' so it didn't sound nearly as good as 'Unpretty/I Feel Pretty.'
    I'm willing to bet out of the people that voted for 'Unpretty/I Feel Pretty,' very few of them voted for it solely because it was Dianna and Lea. It just sounds hella better than 'Faithfully.'

  • wee - 8 years ago

    Who cares who's canon or not! This is a song competition, not who should be with rachel. I voted for the mash-up because it's powerful and beautiful and has a great message. The best duet, mash-up and song of the season for me. I'm for quality and Glee is lacking on that area in comes to song choices lately and then boom...the mash-up comes. I'm not saying that faithfully is bad, is just that it didn't do anything to me. Those ship wars annoys me, they are canon not canon they are endgame blah blah blah... And honestly Glee is sinking, if not for the actors I would abandon this show long time ago. Lea, Cory, Dianna, Mark, Amber, Chris, Jenna, Kevin, Naya, Heather, Harry best cast ever! The original will always be special. They are the show.

    OK. Bye!

  • @sophie - 8 years ago

    music is subjective.
    or did you not get the memo....

  • Ally - 8 years ago

    ...the above is an opinion. That is all. Your argument to that is invalid. My opinion is that Lea was definitely toned down and the song very carefully arranged to allow Dianna to not disappear under Lea's vocals.

    "Sorry but Finchel shippers only prevail in the f**ked canon of Ryan Murphy's (mind) show.
    You're in Faberry territory, online." - Hilarious. I'll take canon over the f**ked delusions of the online fandom.

    Having said all that, this is not supposed to be a poll about which ship has the more rabid online fanbase. It's supposed to be about the music. And unfortunately, from the sounds of things, it's just becoming a competition of which group of fans are the most obsessive. This is why no one ever takes the results of these online polls seriously.

  • trolololool - 8 years ago

    lol faberry shippers talk so much game but at the end of the day, finchel is canon and faberry is not.
    and no matter the outcome of this poll, faberry is not together, nor will they ever be.
    U MAD
    yeah, u mad

  • sophie - 8 years ago

    let's just set ships aside for a moment, and say that finchel and faberry were on equal ground in terms of compatibility, commonality, and overall aesthetic appeal. we could do that, and just listen to the music without knowing anything about rachel's rather tumultuous relationship with both other parties and how they each treat her on a regular basis.

    so all that out of the way, the songs themselves present an, in my opinion, incredibly obvious divide. the first thing that stands out is just the quality of the vocals. cory is in his element of the soft rock/'80s genre, but unfortunately, his voice is obviously tweaked and therefore sounds a bit mechanical. then you have lea, who - as she so often does, through no fault of her own - frankly overpowers poor cory with her incredible belting, particularly towards the end. she also feels a strange need to embellish her own natural talent by including unnecessary trills and runs in her solos and in the duet portions. when in the duets, especially, they take away from the lovely tone she and cory could have together.

    the other downside to "faithfully" is that there is no meaning to the song. rachel and finn are not getting married, they are not living on the road, and rachel didn't even say 'i love you too' when finn awkwardly blurted his emotions before they were set to go on. it also was picked basically because it was a journey song, so it fit in mr. schue's theme, and it could easily be made into a duet.

    on the other hand, there are no airs or false pretenses surrounding "i feel pretty/unpretty". the song is a mash-up that beautifully combines rachel and quinn's shared insecurities and lack of confidence in their features and lives. they are able to share this song because they can both relate to the message included in it, and they find a way to bond through the music because it is something that they both understand painfully well.

    while dianna has a soft, rasping voice that has a tendency to get lost, she meets and matches lea's incredible force without lea having to hold anything back. you can tell in the music that they are singing to each other and that as themselves and as their characters they have an extreme grasp of what these lyrics mean.

    when it comes down to it, i think there is no fair comparison. ifp/u wins by a landslide, if you'll pardon the connotation, as it well deserves to.

    the fact that there is so much faberry/achele AND a positive message to boot makes that victory all the sweeter =)

    faberry for the win; your argument is forever invalid.

  • hideousbeauty - 8 years ago

    As a Faberry shipper who also ships Finchel, I voted for I feel Pretty/ Unpretty simply for the fact that Lea Michele's and Dianna Agron's voices are orgasms by themselves. It's like Heaven with them together.

  • Katie - 8 years ago

    As someone who ships Finchel and has a dislike for faberry. I voted for Unpretty/I feel pretty because that song moved me way more than faithfully. Now if you asked me back in first season I would have voted for faithfully...now not so much. It doesn't have the same meaning behind it for me anymore.

  • faberry is on - 8 years ago

    Its always on.

  • Janey Jansen - 8 years ago

    Even I have to admit, "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" was damn good.

  • rachbray and quinnberry - 8 years ago

    beestack lover i had to reply because of your name (L)

  • BeeStack Lover - 8 years ago

    Faberry shippers range from straight male adults, to gay female teenagers, vice versa, and everything in between.

    Sorry but Finchel shippers only prevail in the f**ked canon of Ryan Murphy's (mind) show.
    You're in Faberry territory, online.

  • Riley - 8 years ago

    You may consider 'Faithfully' to be worthy, but if you must know...the Faberry fangirls have jacked this poll. Finchel has no chance. Surrender while you still can!!!

    -A Faberry Fangirl.

  • sm - 8 years ago

    I'm so dissappointed Faithfully is behind in the vote. Faithfully was powerful and uplifting whereas Pretty was nice and sweet but not the quality I'd vote for.

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