How Will the World End?


  • Farley - 12 years ago

    "It won't end, THAT'S the tragedy"

    It won't end, but tragedy will.

  • Frankly - 12 years ago

    The world won't 'end' as you mean it till the sun does it in, around 5 billion years from now. But human life? Well, we have pretty much laid the ground work for the elimination of that in the next couple of hundred year. We have screwed up the environment to the point of no return, we are way over populated for the resources that do exist, we are building, both intentionally and accidentally, new variations of virii and bacteria that will eventually be unstoppable. Changing the weather will bring mass starvation and deaths via super storms. New and more powerful diseases will take out a bunch more. The inability of modern people to survive without the technology we have become used to will guarantee a lot of folks won't make it long. Finally there will be small pockets of people left but the leftover radiation (nuke plants will melt down when not attended) coupled with industrial chemical waste, will reduce their breeding capabilities. That is how the world will end for humans.

    In a million years the world will have recovered and maybe some other species will have obtained sentience. I wish them better luck.

  • Rob - 12 years ago

    Heat death of universe. Maximum entropy. Haze of particulate scattered about the multiverse.

  • Tina - 12 years ago

    The PAX of course. Goram Reavers.

  • Shawn T - 12 years ago

    All of the carbon dioxide trapped deep under the oceans is released by a change in
    ocean currents: this one current gets aimed down, causing the cold briny deeps to
    warm, and churn and release the CO2.
    You'd think this would effect just one ocean, but no: Without all that CO2 that
    ocean's water becomes lighter, and thus all the water from all the other oceans flows
    down underneath that lightened water , and churns about....

  • glinda - 12 years ago

    In risen oceans, heat, and absence of fuels to generate power for fans and airconditioners. And some famine. (War and Pestilence may join the party.)

  • Peter Eng - 12 years ago

    At last report, the End of the World Committee was stalled, with the Subcommittee On Timing and the Subcommittee On Method both deadlocked on their respective areas.

  • Ed - 12 years ago

    The world will end with myself in bed surrounded by several attractive women[naked, of course] serving my every need. [It's my fantasy, but everbody has one.

  • J.D. Finch - 12 years ago

    Harlan Ellison will attempt to sue God, with predictable results.

  • Cupertino Jay - 12 years ago

    The world will end at the moment, ..


    .. (wait for it, um, cos there is no choice)


    .. guaranteed, a mortal lock so to speak, ..



    .. when ..



    .. anyone dies.

    For them, of course. Nothing else matters.

  • PatrickMG - 12 years ago

    There is no spoon.

  • Jonathan - 12 years ago

    The world will most definitly end in 2012 and will result in me doing the hugest shit on the planet which will polute, from the deadliest gases known to man the whole atmosphere suffocating everyone

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