Did you think it was Kim Kardashian in the Old Navy 'So CUTE' ad?

  • rp - 10 years ago

    I think Melissa has a $100 million dollar lawsuit of her own....she has now been tagged with a label that she cannot work due to Kardashian thinking she stole her look.
    She is a very good looking women and if no mention of this came from K family, i would never have put the two together..Go get her girl

  • lala - 10 years ago

    this girl has much more talent than kim she can sing she can dance she can act she can model and she is cuter. kim is only known for being a b****

  • Cat - 11 years ago

    Really KK? Can you say GREEDY? Don't you have enough money that you could find better things to do than sue people? Doesn't say very much about ur character (or lack there of)

  • 'future celeb - 11 years ago

    The kardashians need to lose everything and come back to earth. Serious reality check. I have money went to college have a Kim K's ass except mines is real and doesn't have cellulite. I'm very exoctic looking and I often get stopped by people to say you like a soap opera. Star or you are just so beautiful. I don't get a big head, I just feel really flattered, say thank you and go about my day. Guess. If I go to Hollywood. Kim would. Want to due me for having a big ass. But seriously Kim is jealous because the girl is Reggie's gf. And she has talent a nice body she gets her attention naturally and doesn't have to staged everything. If anything Kim should be jealous because Reggie 's new girlfriend looks much prettier I almost thought she was Beyonce...but Kim couldn't. Handle that she has no class.

  • Bert - 11 years ago

    Never once did I think it was the trollop Kardashian. Melissa is cuter doesn't look like she is a blow up doll and has some talent she can dance and sing. Should we even mention Kardashian's laughable attempt at dancing on DWS or lets not forget in her words her "cute" dance tune she tried to sing we all know that lasted about 5 seconds. It's amazing she has been able to stretch her 15 minutes so long but then again when you are a media wh0ring no talent like Kardashian who will turn up any where for a photo op its not surprising.

  • Diane - 11 years ago

    I could tell it was not KK because she wasn't flaunting her cleavage in my face. They look nothing alike and one has actual talent, the other, NOT.

  • Michael H - 11 years ago

    I don't watch television much. I have no idea who Kim Kardashian is. How can you be a "star" of reality TV? Who would care? The video was fun.

    Lucky Me! ;-)

  • ari - 11 years ago

    I thought the girl in the Old Navy ad is a dummy. A reasonable explanation why Kim Kardashian thinks that is a facsimile of her, is that Kim Kardashian identifies herself as a cute dummy.

  • Randy - 11 years ago

    Who cares? Kim who?

  • rico - 11 years ago

    I don't even know what Kim Kardeshian looks like. That's how much I care about the American trashy "celebrity/socialite/reality star/etc."

  • Poor Richard - 11 years ago

    Let's see . . . K.K. gets her fame making "B-grade TV shows" and strutting her anatomy; while Melissa actually dances and has some talented moves in an ad for Old Navy. It appears only one of them has "some marketable value." Oh, my - Which one could it be?

  • Crystal Lopez - 11 years ago

    Kim could never move like that. Didn't you see her on Dancing with the Stars.

  • Ushindi - 11 years ago

    So Melissa can no longer work in the public eye because KK thinks people might get confused? No commercials, movies, plays, TV appearances? What an unjustified ego - KK doesn't actually have a tenth the talent or actual looks of Melissa!

    At least this is giving Melissa some great publicity. (This person, "Scott" - very strange...)

  • Paul T. - 11 years ago

    I was not "fooled". The performer in the commercial has talent.

  • jake - 11 years ago

    I thought it was that girl from the pussycat dolsl. Maybe, Kim K. should sue the ex-lead singer of the pussycat dolls.

  • Kendra - 11 years ago

    Not to mention Melissa is dating Kim K's ex Reggie Bush

  • mark - 11 years ago

    Who the hell is Kim Kardasian?

  • Bernadette - 11 years ago

    I read all the comments AFTER I posted my response. With the exception of Scott, it is unanimous. Melissa is the prettiest, more talented and natural model over KK! AND, her famous fathers didn't open the doors for her.

  • Bernadette - 11 years ago

    The resemblance is strong but there are some considerable differences. An obvious one is in Melissa's video Dance Floor. That is def. not Kim's backside!

    What is Kim thinking? The primadonna believes there shouldn't be anyone who looks like her or her family on T.V., Ads, commercials, etc. Kim needs to get over herself! I guess she's not capable of handling a little competition. Besides, Melissa is much natural and prettier!!!!

  • heather - 11 years ago

    So the moral of the story is that companies are not allowed to book talented, good looking people because they may or may not be similar looking to other celebrities... kiss my ass Kim!

  • heather - 11 years ago

    I have watched this ad on tv dozens of times, mainly from me rewinding it. The actress is cute and the song is catchy. Not once did I think of Kim... The Kardashian Klan is really grabbin for strings on this one. If she wins this case it just shows you how far a big ass will really get you in this world

  • Nancy Cutler - 11 years ago

    Uh, no. Of course, I couldn't pick the real Kim Kardashian out of a streetwalker line-up,

  • Scott - 11 years ago

    I absolutely thought it was Kim Kardashian until i saw this article. I have seen the commercial several times on the screens in a tavern near my home. I'm a film producer myself, I'm 62 and dont follow youth pop culture much but i do know who Kim Kardashian is and I was completely convinced that she was doing ads for Old Navy. Old Navy took advantage of Kim's fame and persona and should definitely pay Kim equivalent to what she would have received had she been properly booked for the job. Old Navy has totally gotten the full value they paid out of both the commercial and now also paying Kim what they owe her. They should plead guilty and pay her.

  • Bert - 11 years ago

    Saw Kim on Dancing with the Stars. It was obvious to me it wasn't her. Kim can't dance. She has no real balance. Melissa is way hotter to me and much more versatile as a performer.

  • JB - 11 years ago

    When I first saw the commerical I never even thought of Kim Kardashian. I saw a beautiful girl, dancing around, showing off Old Navy clothing. If a lawsuit is successful that would be a terrible sham. It seems to me that this is just another money making venture for a no-talent quasi-celebrity and her team of thieves. "Hey Kim, I think I know how we could could make you another 15-20 million...we'll sue Old Navy for using an attractive brunette in their commercial..blah, blah, blah", said her Lawyer "Goldberg Ari Nagajerian".

  • Cyn - 11 years ago

    I don't get it. Kim is a very pretty girl, but nothing in the way she looks, acts or dresses can I say is unique enough to say that the Old Navy chick was imitating. Besides, uh, wasn't the Old Navy girl wearing Old Navy clothes which was the whole point of the commercial??? Excuse O.N. for putting together an outfit out of their OWN clothing line to similate Kim! What, did Kim DESIGN some special fashion that no one has already invented??? And the O.N. girl's hair looked like any other girl's hair or did Kim patent some hairstyle? I just don't get it. Get over yourself Ms. Kardashian. If your looks is your only talent, please take a second look on what you have been doing with your life.
    P.S. I could be wrong but the Old Navy girl's nose is probably really hers - not like Kim. So who looks like who?

  • Theresa Ware - 11 years ago

    1)Kim K. does NOT walk a dog.
    2)Kim K. does NOT go to the grocery store.
    3)Kim K. does NOT sing.
    4)Kim K. does NOT dance.
    Furthermore Kim K. is so full of herself she cannot recognize the fact that the girl in the Old Navy commercial has talent and Kim does not.

  • Professor D - 11 years ago

    Maybe Kim should sue because Melissa is better looking.

  • Stacey - 11 years ago

    I saw this on TV and the only time I questioned it was in the grocery store scene when she was pushing the shopping cart and then dancing on the conveyor belt, but Melissa butt is not so huge so I just thought it was a girl that kinda looked like Kim, with a better looking body. I never thought that they were trying to make it look like a knock-off.

  • TW - 11 years ago

    other than the fact that she's a brunette and a women, they look nothing alike...KIM, go get a life...

  • dfilip - 11 years ago

    So what now? Should Melissa lose her career in advertising because she looks like KK? The add didn't have KK's name on it. Should the add have to make a disclaimer explaining that the person in this add is not KK? That is ridiculous. You can't sue just because someone looks like you. Melissa can't help looking the way she did. You can't have a copy right on your looks. Grow up KK.

  • Boris - 11 years ago

    Kim is jealous. Melissa is younger, prettier, and thinner. I think Kim likes the idea of thinking she looks like Melissa.

  • SammyK - 11 years ago

    What GIJoe said. in Spades. KK couldn't touch this CUTE girls' talent with a ten
    foot peni... pole!! Pole, pole!

    I propose a new show: "Barfing Because of the Kardashians".

  • JoJo - 11 years ago

    She shouldn't have such a conniption fit - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • missprissy1 - 11 years ago

    This is pathetic..like Kim Kardashian sounds jealous to me. Real woman don't get mad because the, "media" makes comparisons and to sue at that. They hardly look alike, jeesh alot of people in Hollywood have similar features smdh.

  • Samantha - 11 years ago

    I def. dont think she looks like Kim Kardashian. But it's just like the Kardashians to make something so big out of something so little, just so their names are in the spotlight somehow. Its pretty pathetic if you ask me.

  • gi joe - 11 years ago

    I wasn't fooled for 1 long minute.. cuz, see, although the *HO* might look like/resemble the biggest *HO* of them all aka Ms. Kim Kardashian, there was something off about her, hmmmm... let me think.. AH, yes, the girl on Old Navy is actually *TALENTED*.. she can sing, DANCE & frankly, I think she's cuter..
    So, you see, I was never fooled, not for a hot long 1 minute of muh life.
    p.s. thank you in advance for reading this

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