After 24 hours, how do you feel about OS X Lion?

  • Maxim - 11 years ago

    It's crazy. I've installed Lion on my MBP and now when I use my gf's MBP with Snow Leopard, it feels antique. Got used to the gestures and features in no-time, and now hope that Chrome, Evernote and other apps come out with Lion versions really soon.

  • iAlja - 11 years ago

    Very, very happy with the upgrade! Didn't have any problems with the upgrade on my mid 2007 iMac, and I'm really enjoying the new gestures it supports (I admit - I bought the Magic Trackpad just for Lion), and I'm even starting to like the new natural scrolling. I especially love the easy transition between spaces with fullscreen apps. I haven't really stumbled upon any problems - yet.

    The only complaint I have is the fact that some developers didn't seem to bother to prepare their software for Lion, so a lot of apps aren't yet using any of the Lion cool new features (I'm looking at you, Firefox!). I suppose the OS will get better once most apps get the Lion makeover.

  • Jeff - 11 years ago

    Bittersweet. Nice update on my year-old MBP; going to try a clean install on my Early 2008 iMac. Unsupported after 3 years, Steve? This from the guy who's still running a PowerTower Pro 225 that will never see OS X.

  • India - 11 years ago

    I'm satisfied with it. I haven't experience any major disappointments but I also haven't had any ecstatic moments either. In the last 24 hours, I think the most I've expressed is a solid "Nice" reaction. Overall I like Lion. I love that how easy it was to download and install. Within minutes I was up and running with very little headache. I had to do some extra software updates for iTunes, iWorks and Java for Adobe CS5. The only minor complaint I have is with launcher. Why can't I delete the icons of the apps that I didn't purchase from the Mac app store? I also can't delete files, which I don't understand why they are in launcher in the first place. I found this a little annoying.

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