Rebecca Zahau's Death: Murder or Suicide?


  • Takai - 12 years ago

    Having read all that has been written on this - which comes down to five or ten sentences repeated ad nauseum, I definitely think she was murdered. I believe that she did go to bed after talking with her sister and, being asleep, was completely vulnerable to the crazy who did this to her. The neighbor said loud music was playing at 1:30 AM which makes me think that she died earlier rather than later that night. She may have been gagged with a scarf or nightie and bound to a chair (explaining the bindings on the legs), while the killer prepared the rope and electrical cords, then pitched her over the balcony. That theory supposes premeditation upon entering the house. OR, she may have been strangled in a rage and then bound and hung (or tossed) with available items, to cover the crime. Either way, this was a diabolical killing. Whatever blame and/or grief may have been at play here, the seriousness of what was done to the victim can in no way be mitigated . To suggest that she did this to herself, given what is known about her and the situation, is bizarre and does not bode well for ever learning what actually took place. If it was known on Tuesday through MRI that the boy was brain dead and the decision was made to keep him on life support until recipients were found for his donated organs, it may very well be that one or both of his parents went home for some period of time. Not knowing where they were at what hour seriously limits speculation. However, IMO, it is most likely that one of the three principal characters has knowledge of this crime.
    Questions I have: Were the doors to this house ususally locked? Would Rebecca have locked them prior to going to bed? Were they locked when police arrived? Where was the music coming from, the main house or the guest house? How long did it go on? Would like to know more about Adam, as he clearly had time and access to do most anything uninterrupted. What were his feelings toward Rebecca? Did he favor Dina? Was it his habit to go back and forth between the guest house and the main house? Someone had to know where the music system was located? What went on Tuesday evening in the main house? Did other people stop by? I read that the young girl who was there on Monday AM was Rebecca's niece. Where did she go and when?

  • Alex-NY - 12 years ago

    How can anyone put a rope around their neck with their hands tied behind their back-duh??? Why are the cops so quick to say the boy friend was at the hospital when Rebeca died if they dont have an exact time of death?? Also-why is he not being questioned?? As soon as I first heard the story I felt he killed her because his son died in her care and Im not seeing any other logical explination for her death. RIP Rebecca-you deserved so much better!!

  • nyeyetech - 12 years ago

    Having known Rebecca for as long as I did, I know for certainty that she did not take her own life. Nor did her ex-husband play any part in her death. I do however believe the Shacknai family plays a HUGE role in her death because of Max!!!!!!!!!! I just hope this doesn't turn out to be another case where money protects the guilty. God will give punishment for her death one day and the individual(s) who comitted this horrible murder will face a far worse punishment than any that could be given on earth. I will miss Rebecca tremendously, as will all that knew and loved her.

  • dwight - 12 years ago

    Naked, hands bound behind back, feet bound, and hanging from the balcony is the only information that has been giving that correlates to cause of death. Having lost my father to suicide via hanging only two months ago I felt it neccessary to investigate and reinact his last "project" down to specifics. There weremany. The balcony had to have railing. She could have tied the anchor and made the noose standing on a chair. The bottom of the nooses opening would have had to be only about five inches or less lower than her jaw when she sat on the railing. The chair would have to have been put back. Then her clothes taken off. Being naked is not something someone would care about when they are going to kill themselves. Sitting on the railing she could have easily bound her feet. Contrary to popular belief, an individual can bind their hands behind their back without using the tieing infront and stepping over method. The first loop of the noose would hang just at the top of her head infront of her. All she had to do was lean her head into its opening and slide off the railing. From what we do know,IT IS PLAUSIBLE.... BUT.... we do not know the exact placement of the anchor, length of rope in proposistion to her height, railing and anchor, the type of rope that was used for the noose and binding, the location of the loop bulk on her neck, or the kind of knots used to bind her feet and hands. Independant from each other, any of these can prove murder. ex. one small knot could not be performed by the victim. In such the case, it is murder. Even though I have played devils advocate I am not the devil. However plausible, it wasn't suicide. She was murdered. My heart goes out to her family with deepest condolences. There is no doubt in my mind, justice will prevail. Whomever did this horrifying act will be punished.

  • lucy - 12 years ago

    any reasonable person can see that rebecca was murdered, it is impossible to hang oneself with hands and legs bound. If the murderer is not found that would be a real proof of the power of money and it must mean that the whole system is shit. but oneday God will revenge for Rebecca. RIP Rebecca

  • zolianu - 12 years ago

    Zahau did not take her own life.
    Dina must have hired a killer.
    She must have been raped before they tied her and hanged her.
    How could she commit suicide by herself on the balcony with her hands and legs tied together? If she did, there should be a chair or table around that place for her to climb up.
    If there is no chair or table then, she defintely was murdered.....
    ADAM & DINA knew something.....IT IS FISHY.......

  • wendy - 12 years ago

    REBBCCA was killed,because she was suppose to be watching the boy when he fell ,jonah together with his wife are probably responsible for her death ,no woman would take off all her clothes,they wanted to humiliate her,what are the police waiting on to arrest them

  • Burong - 12 years ago

    Why was a defence attorney seen at the mansion?
    Why was Adam allowed to leave San Diego?
    Was any door to the mansion unlocked?
    If Adam was living at the guest house, why did he come over to the main house when his brother was not there?
    Did Dina asked someone to kill Rebecca?
    Did Neil Nalepa has anything to do with this?

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