How much did (will) the Tooth Fairy leave for your first child's first tooth?


  • Cindy Bevan-Wilson - 12 years ago

    I have twin boys who totally embrace "fairness and equality," so I always have to remember what I did for one so that I am sure to be fair to the other by doing the same thing or giving of similar value. (Did I mention that they are only 6?? I gave each boy $5 for his first tooth, and $1 for each one thereafter, with the exception of their two front teeth, whereby they each received $5 (either for the pair or $2.50 for each front tooth)...yes I need to be that specific. These kids don't forget a thing! Let me tell you, they think the Tooth Fairy is CHEAP! Gosh, I only got 50 cents for my teeth!

  • MamaSD - 12 years ago

    It was a sad day when my youngest son stopped believing. Of course I was the last to know! He didn't say anything when he lost his tooth and "tested" the tooth fairy. He waited a few days with the tooth under his pillow and when she didn't show, decided it was time to see what would happen when he told me. His older brother was in on it and they had a good laugh when they explained I was the tooth fairy and how they knew!

  • Natalie - 12 years ago

    I'm in the exact opposite position. My youngest is about to lose her first tooth. By now, I'm a pro but this milestone makes me sad. My oldest doesn't believe and #2 is pretty close too. Finding cool tooth fairy stuff for boys is hard. With 4 kids like you, I want them all to feel special. I got each of them their own things to put their teeth in. The boys have awesome pirates that hold a treasure chest ( and the girl's have personalized ones from (my fav site). A word of warning: If you're kids decide to write to the tooth fairy and ask questions-stop it before it begins. I've been up at 2am trying to write cute rhymes to anwser impossible questions then coating the letter in "fairy dust". Oh, did I mention that my son (my jewish son) started writng to a leprechaun? Now that was interesting!

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