John Scalzi's deadline is today. What is he doing RIGHT NOW?

  • PatrickMG - 11 years ago

    Absolutely nothing. Everyone knows the cat writes the books. Green people? Isn't it obvious? (Enjoy the weekend. You deserve it.)

  • Hilary - 11 years ago

    obviously making polls and not doing work o.o

  • Diana - 11 years ago

    there should always be at least one option involving a CAT in these polls, so I'm voting for the "demon hordes of zombie cats"

  • John42 - 11 years ago

    He's fighting demon hordes of zombie cats, every last one of them with bacon taped to their fur. He should have known it would come to this.

  • Pengwenn - 11 years ago

    he's honing his skills at killing's a useful skill to have

  • petec - 11 years ago

    all of the above ...

  • A.J. - 11 years ago

    Come on, we all know that he's killing zombies. Real ones. Not those wimpy ones in the computer. He is the One Man between us and the Zombie Apocalypse.

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